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About Air Conditioning Experts — Heating and Air Conditioning in Atlanta

If you own a home in Atlanta, you will need to schedule heating or air conditioning installation, maintenance, and repair service eventually. Why wouldn’t you choose the trusted, local service provider with over 100 years of combined service experience? Contact our team today to see the difference that true expertise can have on your comfort.

Air Conditioning and Heating Services in Atlanta and Surrounding Areas

At Air Conditioning Experts we make every service call a priority. We understand the anxiety and frustration caused by problems with your home comfort systems, so we take every concern seriously. A preventive approach is the best method to take when it comes to caring for your home heating and air conditioning systems. Most of the calls we receive are for what may seem like "minor" problems, but when it comes to our clients’ comfort we simply do not believe any problem is minor.

If your air conditioner is making a strange noise, or you notice an odor coming from your furnace, contact us immediately. Do not let a relatively small problem cause you a serious headache. Our technicians are fully trained and certified to resolve any problems you may be experiencing before things get out of hand. 

Be sure to take advantage of the Comfort Club Membership we offer. We cannot stress enough how important basic, preventive maintenance is to the continued efficiency and high–quality performance of your home comfort systems. Members of the comfort club receive many benefits designed to keep them comfortable with confidence.

You will receive a comprehensive system inspection in both spring and fall, as well as an extensive electrical system inspection to ensure that you can operate all of your appliances and systems safely. We perform a basic visual inspection of your air duct system and will use an acid wash to clean your condenser coils for maximum efficiency. Plus, you save 15% on parts and labor. You don’t need to be an expert to appreciate this deal.

As high as our technical service standards are, we put just as much emphasis and focus on the customer service that we offer as well. We may be hired help, but we also consider ourselves guests in your home for the time we are there. Our expert service technicians will always leave your home in great shape following the completion of a job.

All technicians wear shoe covers to protect the cleanliness of your floor. We lay down drop cloths and protective floor covers to avoid any damage to your floors, and we always clean up after the work is done. There is no need to vacuum before inviting us into your home; we’ll take care of it on our way out, at least in the area we were working in.

When you hire Air Conditioning experts for all your air conditioning, heating, indoor air quality and commercial HVAC services you always receive the best that we have to give. We have years of technical and customer experience, and we will put every bit of that experience to work for you. Let us show you what the work of true experts looks like.