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Ductless Mini Split Systems and Services in Atlanta

They’ve been popular in commercial spaces like restaurants for a long time, and now they are becoming a popular choice for homeowners, too: ductless mini split systems. Why have they become popular? For starters, they are great systems for home that don’t have ductwork or can’t accommodate ductwork. Second, they can be dual–mode systems, meaning that when you use a heat pump with your ductless system, you can get your home’s heating and cooling from a single, energy efficient device. They also offer you customized cooling because every indoor blower operates independently. Air Conditioning Experts specializes in the installation and servicing of ductless systems, so whether you are new to ductless or need work performed on an existing, call us today and let our experts get your ductless system back on track.

Ductless Mini Split Systems in a Nutshell

So what exactly is a ductless mini split system? It may sound complicated, but it really isn’t. A ductless mini split is a whole home heating and cooling system (it can also be just an AC system) that cools your home without needing ductwork. This is because the air is delivered via individual indoor blowers. The setup is fairly simple: the ductless system utilizes an outdoor unit that is very similar to that of a traditional split system AC in that it holds the condenser and compressor (and heat pump technology if the system is for both heating and cooling). A single outdoor unit can support up to four indoor blowers. The indoor blowers operate independently from one another and are connected to the outdoor unit via a conduit through an exterior wall. The heating or cooling cycle starts when you turn on one of the indoor blowers.

We Install Ductless Mini Split Systems

You may hear that ductless mini split systems are easy to install and they are – for experts. Poor installation can lead to a number of problems, which is why it’s imperative to hire experts for your ductless installation. The experts at Air Conditioning Experts can install your ductless system with minimal interruption and will do so correctly the first time around.

Does Your Ductless Mini Split System Require Repair or Maintenance?

Having experts on hand for the maintenance and repair of your ductless mini split system is critical to its good operation and continued use. If you are using a heat pump with your ductless system, it’s important to schedule maintenance twice a year because of its dual use, and any time your ductless system isn’t working as it should, heat pump or AC, it’s time to call for an expert. Our professionals are available around the clock, so if you are experiencing any kind of issue with your ductless mini split, call us today!

Schedule Ductless Mini Split Services with Air Conditioning Experts, Inc.

Air Conditioning Experts offers comprehensive ductless mini split services, which means our experts can help you with installation, repair, replacement or maintenance of your ductless system. For 20 years, we have been helping customers throughout the Atlanta area with their heating and cooling systems, and we can help you, too. Just give us a call today and schedule an appointment with one of our ductless system experts!