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What are the Benefits of Great Insulation in Atlanta

Monday, September 30th, 2013

Do you need good insulation in your home? After all, aren’t our winters mild and tolerable here in the South? And isn’t insulation only effective in areas with a lot of cold and snow? It’s true that the need for insulation is far more urgent in cities further north. But great insulation doesn’t just mean keeping you warm. It means making your home as energy efficient as it can be, which is as much of a concern during our hot, humid summers as it is during our mild and sunny winters.

Insulation primarily acts as a buffer between your home and the temperatures outside. When you turn on the air conditioner in the summer, it prevents the heat from the outside from warming up your cooled air. In the winter, it does the same thing for your heat, acting as a self-contained box that keeps the warm temperatures in and the cool temperatures out. That can increase your energy efficiency by as much as 50% according to the U.S. Department of Energy: meaning that you don’t need to expend as much power to heat or cool your home and delivering a sharp reduction in your monthly energy bills as a result.

All of that comes on top of the most obvious benefit of all: a home that is easier to heat and cool, increasing your comfort levels accordingly. A well-insulated house just feels cozier than one without insulation, and it saves you money in the process.

If you’ve seen what the benefits of great insulation in Atlanta are, contact Air Conditioning Experts to discuss installation and upkeep options. We have the skills and experience to do the job right, and we’re dedicated to your complete satisfaction at all stages. Call us today to set up an appointment.

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Air Conditioning Repair FAQ 3: Do I Have a Leak?

Monday, September 23rd, 2013

The warm and muggy days in Atlanta don’t come to an end just because school is back in session and the leaves are beginning to turn. You want your home to have the same cool and crisp air as during the summer. Getting stuck with a broken AC is no fun, so it’s best to solve problems when they’re small. One problem you can detect is a leak, either of air or refrigerant. This post will give you help determining if a leak is causing trouble. If you need air conditioning repair in Atlanta, GA, contact Air Conditioning Experts today.

How can you tell you have a leak? Here are some major warning signs:

  • Warm air: If you feel warm air coming from your air conditioning system, the trouble can be as simple as an incorrectly set thermostat . If adjusting the thermostat doesn’t solve the problem, then there may be a leak in the ductwork that is drawing warmer air from another spot in your home, or possibly from directly outside. Aside from the discomfort this will cause you, these leaks will force the air conditioner to work harder to lower the temperature, which is both inefficient and can shorten the life of your system.
  • Reduced cooling: This may be a sign of a leak in the refrigerant. Your air conditioner contains a closed system of refrigerant, and the amount running through it is known as the “charge.” The charge must remain at the same level in order for the heat exchange to happen effectively, and a leak will lower the charge. A technician must perform a series of tests to locate the cause of the leak, and will also need to recharge the refrigerant to restore your air conditioner to its original cooling ability.
  • Unusual smell: If your ductwork develops a leak, it might start pulling in air from other parts of the house, such as your attic, a crawlspace, or the space between your walls. This air will have a moldy odor unlike what you normally smell from your air conditioning, and is a strong indicator that the ductwork has leak somewhere.

A leak in any part of your AC can soon turn into a serious issue, so give our experts in air conditioning repair in Atlanta, GA a call today at Air Conditioning Experts!

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Steps to Take at the End of the Air Conditioning Season in Atlanta

Monday, September 16th, 2013

In Atlanta, air conditioning can spell the difference between a cool, comfortable summer and a summer fully of muggy, sweltering temperatures. We all appreciate a good air conditioning system when the temperatures start to rise, and regular maintenance throughout the year can keep yours functioning at peak capacity. This is especially true at the end of the air conditioning season, when your AC use diminishes and the system won’t be needed as often. That reduced use marks the perfect time to perform a few basic maintenance steps.

  • Cleaning. Start by scheduling a regular cleaning and maintenance session from a qualified air conditioning technician. He can spot any potential problems, keep the coils free of dust and debris, seal up leaks and recharge the coolant levels. If there’s a more serious issue, you can then schedule a repair in the cooler autumn months, without the threat of a heat wave bearing down on you. You may wish to schedule a similar maintenance visit in the spring, just before air conditioning season starts.
  • Remove debris. Check you outdoor unit for any grass, leaves or twigs clogging the vents. These can be harder to remove if they’ve sat there for the whole of winter, and may cause problems with your AC unit’s ability to function if left unchecked.
  • Reset your thermostat. You may have your thermostat set for a specific temperature to combat the heat of summer. As the weather cools, it’ a good idea to perhaps elevate the temperature a few degrees. It will save on energy costs without losing any overall comfort.
  • Change the air filter. The air filter helps screen out dust and other particles before they get into the air conditioning unit. It should be changed regularly to keep your AC unit functioning at top capacity.

For service and maintenance issues, call upon Air Conditioning Experts. We proudly handle all Atlanta air conditioning needs, from routine service to full installation. Contact us today; we’ll send one of our trained experts to your home to get your unit ready for the end of summer.

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My Thermostat Reads the Temperature Wrong: Time for Air Conditioning Repair in Atlanta

Monday, September 9th, 2013

We take air conditioning repair seriously in Atlanta, where hot, muggy summers are typical. The thermostat is a key component in the air conditioning system, allowing you to set the temperature to a level most comfortable for you and your family. But it can’t do that if it isn’t reading the temperature accurately.

In some cases, a thermostat reads the temperature incorrectly because of placement. A poorly placed thermostat might be located in direct sunlight, in a draft spot, near a heating vent, or otherwise in a location that doesn’t accurately reflect the temperature in the rest of the home. In that case, an  AC technician can move the thermostat to a spot that lets it do its job much more effectively.

In other cases, there may be a problem with the thermostat’s sensor, which detects the ambient temperature in the nearby air. Depending upon the model, the sensor may simply need to be recalibrated, which you can do by consulting the unit’s instruction manual.  In other cases, it may be damaged or malfunctioning, in which case professional attention may be needed to correct it.

If you have an older mercury thermostat, the difficulties are slightly different. If it’s not set into the wall properly, its components may be off-kilter and unable to gauge the temperature accurately. There may also be internal damage or dirt which can affect its functioning. In the case of an old mercury-based thermometer, such a malfunction is a good opportunity to upgrade it to a newer digital module.

If your thermostat is reading the temperature wrong, it pays to talk to an expert about either repairing it or replacing it with a newer unit. The professionals at Air Conditioning Experts handle air conditioning repair in Atlanta, and can discuss a new thermostat with you. Pick up the phone and give us a call today. 

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Happy Labor Day!

Monday, September 2nd, 2013

On the first Monday of every September, we celebrate Labor Day in honor of workers everywhere who strive to make our local community and country great. We enjoy the holiday like any other business as a time for BBQ, hanging out with friends and family, and celebrating the end of summer. It also means the start of the NFL and college football seasons.

The origins of Labor Day are disputed, as is the case with many other holidays. Some cite Matthew Maguire, the machinist and secretary of the Central Labor Union of New York, while others cite Peter J. McGuire of the American Federation of Labor. Whomever the original founder, by 1894, the holiday had become widely recognized and was designated a federal holiday by Congress and President Grover Cleveland immediately following the Pullman Strike. This strike pitted US Marshals and US Military against employees of Pullman Palace Car Company outside Chicago, as workers sought to protest wage cuts and the firing of union representatives. At the time, the holiday was a way of repairing ties with workers and recognizing the importance of their contributions.

Today, we see Labor Day as an opportunity to recognize all the people who work hard to contribute to our county. Thank you, and Happy Labor Day from all of us! 

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