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3 Things You Should Know about Your AC Filter

A quality technician will tell you just how important it is to change your HVAC filter every 1 – 3 months. This number varies based on the amount of use your air conditioning system gets, but it is important for any AC system. An air conditioning filter is useful in helping to keep the indoor air quality under control. It also helps to protect your air conditioner as long as it is kept clean or changed out on a regular basis.

  • Filters were not originally designed to improve the air quality. The air filter was actually designed to keep particles away from the air conditioning system itself, rather than just to keep contaminants out of the air. Although AC filters have developed to be able to filter very small contaminants from the air, they still largely serve to keep debris from damaging the indoor air handler.
  • AC filters are rated for efficiency. Looking for better filtration from your AC filter? Look for the MERV rating to determine how effective your AC filter will be. A filter with a MERV rating higher than 4 is most effective at removing the smallest and often most harmful off particles. For example, while a MERV of 4 may be able to filter out some common allergens like pollen, only a MERV of 8 can get smaller particles like mold spores.
  • But a filter that is too effective may harm the efficiency of your AC. As it turns out, a filter that is rated too highly can actually have a negative effect on the performance and efficiency of an AC. There is a certain amount of airflow that must move through the system in order for it to operate properly, and a filter that is not the right size for your system will block the flow of air (as will a dirty filter). You may decide to install a separate filtration system for better air quality instead.

Change your filter as often as is necessary, and call our team of professionals today at Air Conditioning Experts, Inc. to learn more about your air conditioning system and to schedule service in the Atlanta area.

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