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3 Upgrades to Your HVAC System to Help You Stay Healthy

Since you spend the majority of your time indoors—especially as the weather gets cooler—controlling the indoor air quality is key to your comfort and health. This cold and flu season, you’re more likely to become ill if contaminants like bacteria and mold spores are able to cycle through your ducts continuously while running your heater. We’ve got a few suggestions for people looking to improve their indoor air quality and stay comfortable this winter.


During the winter, dried-out sinuses are likely to make a cold or flu virus even worse. It takes longer to get over an illness in dry environments, and it could make you more susceptible to catching a cold virus in the first place. Install a whole-home humidifier to keep humidity within a comfortable range.

Air Purifier

Your home’s air filter is designed to provide some level of filtration for the air circulating throughout your air conditioning and heating systems. But it’s fairly limited in what it can do. Usually, the standard filter can eliminate contaminants up to a certain size, but it struggles with the tiniest of contaminants (which are usually the most harmful as well). An air purifier works a little differently than a media filter. It uses an ionization process to give particles a charge so that they cling to a metal plate of the opposite charge, thus eliminating a large majority of the tiny contaminants that pass by.

Professional Duct Cleaning

The inside of your ducts could be full of dust and debris that could make you ill or aggravate your allergy and asthma symptoms. Get rid of dust mites, mold spores, bacteria, and more with a thorough professional cleaning of your ducts. Professional duct cleaning is a long process, but having peace of mind that your ducts are clear is well worth the cost.

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