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3 Ways to Save Money on Air Conditioning This Summer

We know that you want to cut down your air conditioning costs, but sometimes it seems like the only way to do so is to turn off the AC completely. But there are so many easier ways to save. Making a few small adjustments to your system and your habits can save you a whole lot of money over the years. Learn more in the list below!

Raise the Temperature

You may be setting the thermostat to a much lower temperature than you really need. The EPA recommends 78°F as an efficient, agreeable temperature for most climates. Find the warmest temperature that everyone in the home can be comfortable with, and stick with it. You should also change the temperature by about 10° when you are away or asleep—for at least 8 hours a day—to cut down your bills even more.

Upgrade Your Thermostat

You don’t have to wait until you get a whole new AC system before replacing your thermostat. A new Wi-Fi thermostat allows you to track your energy usage throughout the day and make adjustments to the system even while you are at work or on vacation—right from your smart phone, tablet, or computer.

Maintain Your Equipment

Finally, it’s so important that you take the steps to maintain your air conditioning equipment, ensuring the parts run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. This means…

  • Clean the filter – It’s one of the easiest things you can do to keep air moving into the system efficiently. Do this about once a month.
  • Schedule annual maintenance – Professionals should maintain your equipment early in the year so that you get an inspection and tune-up to help it run smoothly for the summer.
  • Notice issues – When your air conditioner is struggling—even if it doesn’t seem like a serious issue yet—call an AC repair technician so that it cannot get any worse! Besides, a system that’s making weird noises or has longer run cycles usually needs more energy, costing you more to run it.

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