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3 Ways to Upgrade Your HVAC System

Your HVAC system (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) may perform sufficiently, but are you really getting optimal performance and efficiency from your older AC unit? Could your indoor air quality stand to improve, or would you like to see your monthly bills lowered? Call an air conditioning specialist, and ask about making any of the following changes to your HVAC system.

Install an Indoor Air Quality System

One of the most important things to you is your family’s health, but you may not often think about how much your indoor air affects this. Poor indoor air quality can lead to illness, keep you less comfortable, or it can aggravate asthma or allergy symptoms. An air purifier can eliminate particles and biological contaminants (like bacteria and viruses) while a dehumidifier can eliminate some moisture from the air to prevent mold growth.

Consider Adding in Insulation

Insulation acts as a barrier that is difficult for heat energy to pass through. Slowing the transfer of heat is useful in the winter, when you don’t want heat to escape from your home, but it’s just as important in the hot Georgia summers. Materials such as fiberglass or other natural fibers keep heat from penetrating your home as the air conditioner runs, allowing you to run the system less often and reduce strain on your AC. A professional can use a machine to add blown-in insulation to various areas of your home.

Schedule AC Maintenance

Proper maintenance of an air conditioner includes things such as changing the air filter, but only a professional can handle the more complicated steps. A thorough inspection, adjustment, and cleaning of your system can help the unit to perform better and keep up to 95% efficiency through its life.

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