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5 Ways to Save Money in the Colder Months

In Atlanta, we spend most of the year running our air conditioners—not our heaters. So when temperatures do start to drop, you might feel surprised to learn that your heating system is not as efficient as you’d thought.

The cost of heating your home in the winter may be comparable to the cost of cooling throughout the year, which is why we recommend taking a few steps to make your entire home work more efficiently.

#1: Seal Air Leaks

Heat is lost at various points of the home where air and heat can easily transfer in and out of the home. Sealing up cracks and holes around the home with weather stripping and caulk can make your home much more efficient.

#2: Consider Home Automation

Home automation is gaining popularity throughout the U.S. You can control the lights, garage door, heater, air conditioner, and some appliances from an application on your phone. This allows you to monitor your energy usage and make changes remotely, helping you to save money throughout the year.

#3: Upgrade the Thermostat

Can’t afford complete home automation right now? You can upgrade just the thermostat, while still monitoring usage remotely. A Wi-Fi thermostat allows you to control the temperature no matter where you are, so you can make energy-smart choices at work or on vacation.

#4: Add Insulation

Heat transfers easily from warmer spots to cooler areas, which means it’s easy for heat to move out of your home’s air through the walls. But this is much more difficult when there is a barrier of insulation to slow the transfer of heat from one area to another. Adding insulation to the attic, to the walls, and in crawlspaces will make your home more efficient. This is also true in summer, when it’s harder for heat to get into the home.

#5: Turn Down the Temperature

Of course, you might just try turning down the temperature a few degrees. Many people overestimate just how warm they need to set the thermostat. The U.S. Department of Energy recommends about 68°F as an efficient winter temperature.

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