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A Few Steps to Make You More Comfortable This Season

With spring officially here, and with temperatures that make it feel like summer, you start to think more and more about your air conditioning system and how to help your family members stay as comfortable as possible through the worst heat spells. We’ve got a few tips below on how to feel more comfortable. And no, you don’t have to replace your whole air conditioning system to do it!


Insulating your home is something that is useful year round—not just in the wintertime. Contrary to popular belief, insulation doesn’t just hold heat in. It’s a heat barrier, meaning it can prevent heat from moving into the home easily as well. Adding blow-in insulation to your attic and other parts of your home can make your air conditioner run effectively and efficiently, reduce hot spots, and keep you a lot more comfortable.


Maintaining your air conditioner properly adds to its efficiency, helping it to cool your home faster. Changing the filter every month, keeping the outside coil clean, and calling in professionals each year for a tune-up can all help to get your home more comfortable, and can reduce your bills and increase your system’s overall lifespan.

Add On

Allergy season is in full swing right now. And as it turns out, indoor air quality is often a lot worse than the quality of the air outside. Your air conditioner circulates stale, polluted air over and over again, which could be adding to your discomfort this season. Adding on a whole-home indoor air quality system may help to alleviate symptoms and make the air feel clean and fresh. Consider a whole-home air filtration system or electronic air cleaner to catch the particles your filter misses. Or, add a dehumidifier to your air conditioning to help dry the air and keep you cooler.

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