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A Guide to Insulating Your Home in the Summertime

Your air conditioner is not the only factor involved in keeping your home cool.  As you know, you have to shut all the doors and windows if you expect your home to cool down quickly. And when it’s not too hot outside, keeping the blinds closed and shading the home from the sun may be enough to stay comfortable. Your air conditioner removes heat from the home, but it’s up to you to help the heat stay out. And one significant way you can block the heat is with the proper insulation.

How Insulation Helps in the Summer

There is a common misconception that insulation is only important for people in cooler climates. You know that an insulated jacket helps you stay warm in the snow and that an insulated thermos keeps your coffee or soup hot. Insulation can help warm things to stay warm because the materials used in insulating jackets, thermoses, and buildings slow the transfer of heat.

So, in the winter, a layer of insulating material in a home (such as fiberglass or other natural fibers) allows you to heat up your home faster because heat is unable to escape to the outdoors with heat. Similarly, with the right amount of insulation, heat cannot transfer into your home when the outside temperatures spike. So insulating your home is an important step in allowing your AC to run efficiently and keeping every part of your home comfortable all year.

How to Get the Proper Insulation

Without the proper tools and expertise, it may be quite difficult to tell where insulation is missing from your home. You may not have much insulation in place at all, or you may only have some in the attic. Your insulation might be unevenly distributed and it could be tough to get to the areas where it is most needed. Call a professional for spray foam insulation services (blown-in/retrofitted to your home) if you want to ensure the job is done right.

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