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Are You Setting the Temperature Too Low in Your Home?

We know that the warmer weather might already have you dreaming about winter. So when you get home after a long period of time outdoors, you might rush home so that you can set the temperature to whatever you’d like.

But we think you should know that setting the temperature too low can have consequences. For one thing, it’s not going to cool down your home any faster. But more importantly, lowering the temperature too much can have an impact on efficiency and system performance.

Your AC cools at one speed

When the temperature in the home is 85° and your air conditioner is trying to lower it to 78°, the motors will work quickly to cool the home. When the temperature in the home is 85° and you want it to be 65°, the motor moves at the same speed.

You are not going to cool the home down any faster by setting the temperature lower than you need. 77° or 78° is a perfectly acceptable temperature, and you don’t need to set it any lower than this. Your air conditioner will only work less efficiently if you do.

Problems that result from setting the temperature too low

If you set the temperature too low, you may notice quite a few issues with your AC system developing over time:

  • Lowered efficiency – When you set the temperature lower than you need, you waste a lot of energy. In addition, you probably readjust the temperature frequently, and this constant starting and stopping can also up your bills.
  • Repairs – In addition, a system that overcools will wear down faster, and may need more frequent repairs.
  • Shorter lifespan – Your air conditioner may actually fail a year or two sooner than it should, if you are not careful with the temperature settings and if the system isn’t properly maintained.

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