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Are You Taking Good Care of Your Heating System?

Many of us are still adjusting to the winter weather, and we rely on our heating systems to limit the chill to the outdoors only. We hope our heaters will work throughout the winter, but that’s not enough to keep yours running!

Preventative maintenance is the only way to ensure that your heater works its best all winter long. Are you taking good care of your heating system? See our checklist to find out.

  • Seal Air Leaks in the Home. Part of caring for your heating system means reducing the amount of work it has to do with each cycle. Check around windows and doors in the day time. Can you see sunlight coming through? Sealing these air leaks with caulk or replacing weather stripping will reduce the strain on your heater and keep it in better condition.
  • Turn Down the Temperature. Turning the temperature up on the thermostat all the way won’t make your home water any faster. Find an efficient temperature your family members can agree on (we recommend about 70°) and keep it here at all times when you are home.
  • Lower the Temperature Even More When You Leave. We recommend using a smart thermostat or setting a programmable thermostat in advance to lower the temperature by about 10-15° while you are out.
  • Don’t Forget the Filter. Monthly filter changes are a must when it comes to heating maintenance, since a slightly clogged filter can block the path of air flowing through the system.
  • Schedule Professional Maintenance. When you schedule maintenance for your heating system once a year, it’s able to run more efficiently and may even last for a longer period of time. Professionals know what to look for during and inspection and preseason maintenance helps to prevent breakdowns throughout the winter.

For all your heating and air conditioning needs in Atlanta, GA, call the experts—Air Conditioning Experts, Inc.

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