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Are Your Air Ducts Wasting Money?

The ducts in your home serve a simple purpose for your air conditioning system. Essentially, this is just a pathway that leads from your air handler to the rooms in your home. When the air conditioning system is not operating properly or when bills seem to skyrocket in the summer, few people suspect that the ducts are at fault.

However, the ducts can easily form leaks or collect layers of dust that contribute to inefficiency and poor performance. Get your air ducts tested by a professional today to find out if you’re paying way more for air conditioning than you need to.

How Dirt and Debris Effect Performance

Dirt and debris can collect in the ducts over the years, which may have an impact on your indoor air quality. Additionally, a layer of dust can actually affect the airflow into your home. This creates friction that makes it difficult for air to reach the rooms, so the air conditioner may need to run for a little bit longer in order to cool your home. And any large debris in the ducts can completely block airflow to one or more rooms, overworking the system and potentially leading to repairs. Schedule professional duct cleaning to correct this.

Air Leaks Are Probably Costing You

As it turns out, most homes in the U.S. actually have issues with the air ducts leaking. Holes and cracks can develop in the leaks easily over time, and you may lose up to 30% of the air your system conditions to duct losses. Professionals can find and seal these leaks so that air goes directly into your home. You may notice a significant drop in your bills after duct sealing and repair services.

Schedule duct testing and sealing with our professional HVAC technician in the Snellville area. For all your air conditioning needs, call the experts – Air Conditioning Experts, Inc.

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