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Air Conditioning Question 1: How Does Solar Air Conditioning Work?

Air conditioning your home in Atlanta can be expensive. But what if, instead of combatting the sun’s rays, there were a system that used the benefits of the sun’s energy to cool your home? Solar air conditioning is just such a system, and Air Conditioning Experts can install this technology to provide an efficient and sustainable option for keeping your home cool. The technology is rapidly advancing and the cost of installation is reducing every year. Call us today for further information about our Atlanta air conditioning services.

There are two major types of solar air conditioning:  systems that use electricity from solar panels and evaporative coolers. A traditional air conditioning system combined with photovoltaic technology allows you to use solar power instead of power from the grid to cool your home. The photovoltaic panels absorb solar energy and convert it to electricity, and when there is not enough sun, a battery picks up the remainder. When there is more than sufficient sun, the solar panel charges the battery.

Another type of solar air is the evaporative cooler, also known as a solar powered chiller, which uses strictly solar energy to cool your home. Solar energy heats a refrigerant and therefore pressurizes it; when this pressurized refrigerant is released, it expands and cools the surrounding air. This is not unlike how conventional refrigeration works, except that you are drawing on a renewable and sustainable energy source. Although they require an initial investment in start-up equipment, solar air conditioning systems tend to be very cost-effective in the long-term, requiring only power collected from the sun.

Solar air conditioning is not only an innovative approach to reducing your carbon footprint, it can also significantly lower grid demand and load shifting during peak usage times and reduce electricity costs. To see if solar air conditioning is right for your Atlanta, GA home, call the Air Conditioning Experts today.

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