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Having Air Conditioning and Indoor Air Quality Issues?

Considering the heat and humidity of the Atlanta, GA summer, it’s important recognize the relation between air conditioning and indoor air quality. Whatever type of air conditioning you have, you need to ensure that it’s not only performing effectively and efficiently, but that it is also supporting a high level of indoor air quality. We’d like to explore this relation in this post by discussing a few ways your Atlanta, GA air conditioning and indoor air quality issues intersect. 

  • Dehumidification: As you may already know, your AC is a natural dehumidifier. When warm indoor air is brought into the air handler, the heat is absorbed by the cold liquid refrigerant circulating through the evaporator coils. As the air cools, the moisture in the air condenses on the coils. But sometimes this inbuilt dehumidification isn’t enough. A whole-home dehumidification system can integrate directly with your air conditioner so that you can control the relative humidity of your home. Because much of our discomfort is due to humidity, and not just temperature, so you might be able to cut down on your energy costs and increase your comfort with a whole-home dehumidifier.
  • Dust and other debris: It won’t matter how cool the air is in your home if it’s of poor quality. Fortunately, there are aftermarket upgrades that can significantly improve your indoor air quality. If you have lots of dust and other debris circulating through your home, then consider installing a whole-home air cleaner or air purifier. Both mechanical and electronic cleaning systems can keep your indoor air and your AC clean.
  • Airflow:  Good airflow is critical to air conditioning performance and energy efficiency. Over time, however, dust and other debris can build up inside your AC system and the ductwork; in both places, it can cause serious disruption to both the warm indoor air extraction process and the cool air distribution process. Ensuring that your system is routinely cleaned is a great way to prevent airflow issues.

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