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Can I Add Refrigerant to My Central Air Conditioner Myself?

“Does it just need more Freon?” It’s a question we get quite frequently as air conditioning and heating contractors. Freon is a registered trademark often used colloquially in place of the proper term “refrigerant.”

How Refrigerant Helps to Cool Your Home

Refrigerant is a chemical blend that moves throughout your AC system to remove heat from the space inside of your home. Under the right pressure and temperature, refrigerant can absorb heat from the air in your home as it evaporates (turns into a gas). Outside, refrigerant releases heat into the air around the unit as it condenses (turns into a liquid).

Refrigerant Should Never Leave Your AC System

Heat is supposed to release into the air around the outside unit of your home. This is how your home cools down. Refrigeration is ultimately the process of heat removal.

Refrigerant, on the other hand, should never dissipate from the system. This would be a major design flaw. Refrigerant should remain contained within the system so that it can continuously remove heat from the inside air and move the heat outside.

If You Are Low on Refrigerant, Something Is Wrong

If an air conditioning system starts to get low on refrigerant levels, then there is something wrong within your AC system. It does not naturally vacate the system, so you can probably assume there is a leak. One other possible scenario is improper refrigerant charge at the installation of your system, but you likely would have noticed cooling problems from the very beginning of your system’s lifespan.

You Need to Seal the Leak

Unfortunately, there are dishonest technicians out there who may try to tell you that simply adding more refrigerant into the system will help to solve your cooling issue. This does not address the actual issue and may only result in more problems shortly after the “repair.”

Low refrigerant levels may cause:

  • Low Efficiency
  • Problems within the System
  • A Shorter AC Lifespan

Call Professional Technicians

If a technician tells you that you only need to add refrigerant into the AC system, ask for a second opinion. And whatever you do, you should never attempt to service a system with refrigerant on your own. Only licensed technicians are qualified to handle refrigerant in a way that is safe and environmentally responsible.

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