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How Scheduling Maintenance Improves the Efficiency of your Heating

Thursday, December 4th, 2014

Heating and air conditioning systems occupy a large portion of our utilities throughout the season. But if it seems like the cost of running your heater goes up every year, it may be because you are neglecting an important service for your heating. Many experts recommend having a technician inspect and adjust your heating system once a year as part of annual heating maintenance. This is a valuable service that could actually decrease your bills and prevent some unwanted repairs later on.

During a scheduled maintenance visit, a technician arrives to first inspect every portion of the heater. If there is a major problem, the technician will let you know; otherwise, parts of your system will simply be cleaned and adjusted as needed. So how does this help your heater? Well simply put, if a heating system is not in top shape, it cannot run in the way it is intended. A dirty component can reduce the unit’s ability to produce heat, causing other parts of the system to work harder. Similarly, when a part of your unit is out of place or otherwise damaged, the heater must run for longer periods of time. The longer your system is on, the more you pay.

A good time to schedule heating maintenance is right before the weather begins to turn and temperatures start to drop. Maintenance offers other valuable benefits as well. Adjustments help to prevent repairs from occurring and you may even extend the life of your system. You’ll also notice that you feel more comfortable, as a well-tuned heater does a better job at accurately and quickly giving off heat. Finally, maintenance can help keep you and your family safe. If your heater is hooked up to a gas line, a gas leak is a serious possibility, as is the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning in case some should leak into the room after the combustion process.

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