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Choose a Professional Contractor for Complete Home Automation

tablet-smart-home-familyHave you ever thought to yourself, “I sure wish I could check on my home,” even though you were far away at the time? Most of us have been there at one time or another, wondering if we left the lights on, kept the air conditioner going for too long, or forgot to lock the doors.

Now, there may be a way to have access to your home at all times, no matter where you are! With home automation, you can check on whatever is important to you in your home even from work or across the country. And when you choose a professional contractor for complete home automation, you can be sure it’s done the right way.

What Can You Do with Home Automation?

You can finally have the home of the future. Smart homes are the latest and greatest development in air conditioning and throughout the Home Services industry. As air conditioning contractors, we want to focus on how this can help you save on air conditioning, so we focus on that in the section below. Right now, we want to help you see all of the ways your life can become more convenient and efficient.

  • Access to many of your home’s systems comes straight from an app on your smart phone.
  • Check and control your home thermostat from anywhere!
  • Turn lights on and off from a remote device, or check to see if you’ve left them on.
  • Find out if you’ve left the garage door open, or the front door unlocked.
  • Unlock the door to let a housekeeper in.
  • Use a locking keypad to see who enters your home and when.
  • Check your security system or CCTV system.
  • And much more!

How Can You Save on Air Conditioning?

As experts on air conditioning, we wanted to touch on this topic specifically. A common way people waste energy on air conditioning is by leaving the system on throughout the day, forgetting to turn it off when they leave for work or go to an event. However, with your smart thermostat, hooked up to your home automation system, you never have to worry about this.

  • Check on the air conditioning and heating systems using a remote thermostat that connects to your Wi-Fi.
  • Track energy usage with data stored in the application.
  • Allow the thermostat to learn your habits in order to automatically set the most efficient temperatures for your needs.

Why Call Professionals for Home Automation

What’s important is that you know your home automation system is set up properly. And while you may be tempted to do this yourself, it takes a pro to know it’s really done the right way. Any time you are dealing with wiring, it’s not worth risking a DIY project. Instead, call someone who’s equipped to work with one of the top names in the industry.

For example, at Air Conditioning Experts, Inc., we install and service Nexia home automation systems. This is one of the top names in Smart Home Technology, and you’ll know you’re working with somebody who is authorized to provide the service straight from the manufacturer.

We install and service home automation systems, smart thermostats, and AC systems in Decatur, GA. For all your air conditioning needs, call the experts—Air Conditioning Experts, Inc.

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