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A Ductless System Needs Maintenance Too!

ductless-unit-on-wallDuctless air conditioning and heating systems often get mistaken for standard room air conditioners. While they may have many of the same components, the configuration of the two is much different, with ductless air conditioners having an indoor unit and a separate outdoor condenser. As any ductless split owner knows, they involve a larger investment as well.

Take care of your investment by scheduling maintenance for your ductless mini split before the cooling season is in full swing. In fact, we recommend doing so twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall, if you can. Here’s why spring ductless AC maintenance is so important.

Ductless systems need cleaning

Condensate line leaks are a big deal from any air conditioning system. The condensate line is where water drains from the system as condensation builds on the indoor evaporator coil. Occasionally, condensate lines clog and water may not be able to properly drain from the system. And that means trouble.

The difference with a ductless system’s indoor unit is that it is located in a finished space, rather than an attic or elsewhere that a leak may not do too much damage. Cleaning out the condensate line and the evaporator coils is an important step in annual maintenance of your ductless system because it protects your home. A good technician should…

  • Clean off the evaporator coil.
  • Remove and clean any indoor air quality components.
  • Remove any buildup from the condensate drain.

Ductless systems can run into mechanical troubles

The inner components of ductless air conditioners can run into just as many problems as the blower units on regular split-system air conditioners. While they are made to be durable, annual maintenance still helps to prevent air conditioning issues that cannot be predicted.

For example, a technician should clean off the outside condenser coil, which can develop enough dirt and grime to insulate heat—which is supposed to release into the air around the coil instead. Your technician will also adjust the blower fan assembly as needed to make sure it doesn’t break down when you need it. And unique to ductless systems is the possibility of loosening at the mount.

Maintenance keeps up your system’s efficiency

One of the best benefits to routine maintenance is that it allows your air conditioner to work more efficiently. An air conditioner that runs smoothly—fan belts adjusted, moving parts lubricated, coils cleaned—will require less energy. That means you pay less on your monthly bills.

One-time maintenance appointments are one thing, but continued maintenance ensures efficient operation for longer. And when you join a maintenance program, like our Comfort Club, we give you discounts on service throughout the year and ongoing maintenance appointments.

That’s not to mention how much you save by avoiding repairs from a technician and potentially extending the lifespan of your ductless air conditioner. Make sure that your system runs as efficiently as possible by scheduling professional ductless system maintenance services each year in the spring.

For all your air conditioning needs, call the experts—Air Conditioning Experts, Inc. We install and service ductless air conditioners in Atlanta, GA.

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