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Efficiency and Your AC: What to Look for in a New Unit or AC Replacement

Saving money on your monthly bills is important to you, which is why you try to keep lights turned off when you leave a room, keep the water heater and refrigerator at a reasonable temperature, and run the air conditioner sparingly, if possible. But in our area, turning off the air conditioner completely simply is not an option. The heat and humidity can reach intolerable levels, which is why purchasing an efficient air conditioner that won’t waste so much energy is a good idea.

A Guide to High Efficiency Air Conditioning Systems

High-efficiency air conditioners can potentially save some homeowners several hundreds of dollars a year, especially those who are replacing outdated, poorly-maintained units. The best way to ensure that your air conditioner is energy-efficient is to look at the SEER and check for the ENERGY STAR seal.

The SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) is represented as a number which is calculated by determining how much energy the system uses to cool a given amount of space during an average cooling season. In Florida, no HVAC company should sell you an air conditioner with a SEER less than 14, according to national regulations.

While 14 is the minimum SEER for air conditioners sold in our area (in colder parts of the U.S., this number is 13) a SEER over 16 and closer to 20 will be most efficient. Additionally, systems with the U.S. EPA’s ENERGY STAR seal guarantees that the unit is government certified to be efficient and perform the way any homeowner would need it to.

Purchasing an efficient AC is the first step in having a system that won’t drain your bank account with each cycle. But you’ll also need to keep it tuned up with professional AC maintenance services as well. And only allow a qualified technician to install your air conditioner if you want it to run properly.

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