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How Air Conditioning Installation Affects Performance

If you’re in need of a new air conditioning system for your Atlanta home, you need it to perform well for years to come. That’s why it’s so critical to ensure that your air conditioning installation is handled by a professional. Without the technical expertise and experience of a trained technician, you simply cannot expect to receive the same amount of cooling performance. Your new AC is a major investment of resources, so it’s important it be well taken care of by a pro. Call Air Conditioning Experts today for quality, thorough Atlanta air conditioning installation services.

  • Size. The size of your AC may be the most important factor in a successful installation. Before the selection process, your tech will need to perform a comprehensive load calculation. This involves a series of measurements about the size of the home, as well as other factors related to the design of the home itself. This is an incredibly important step, one that can make or break your AC and the future of your comfort. The BTU output and tonnage of the AC must match the home. If it is too small, this can result in inadequate cooling, energy inefficiency, as well as possible system damage. If it is too large, this can result in the inability to control the temperature, as well as increased energy costs.
  • Refrigerant. During installation, your AC is “charged” with refrigerant. This chemical is designed to change temperature and phase (liquid to gas, gas to liquid) under different pressure conditions. It’s essential that this charge be the same throughout the unit’s operation. A successful installation will make sure that it has the right charge to give you optimal cooling performance.
  • Connections. A comprehensive whole-home cooling solution is not a wall-unit AC. There are various connections that need to be made between the components. For example, the lineset that connects the refrigerant lines between the indoor and outdoor units needs to be handled correctly. Any error in the installation can cause numerous future problems.

If you need professional Atlanta air conditioning installation services, look no further than Air Conditioning Experts.  

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