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How You Can Use Your Heating System to Prevent Colds and Flus

When temperatures drop, even slightly, cold and flu season starts to set in. It’s the time of year many people notice the people around them getting sick, and you may be worried that this season will be another tough one for you and your family.

If your heating system is prepared, however, you may be able to help prevent illnesses—to an extent.

How Your Home Heating System Contributes to Cold and Flu Season

In this country, many homeowners keep the windows shut tightly and the doors closed at all hours of the day and night. This is so that, when they run the home comfort system, it works properly and efficiently. The problem is that this means the same, stale air continuously circulates. And that could mean that a lot of contaminants get circulated in the air as well.

In addition, a heating system can dry out the air. Already, humidity levels are dropping much lower than what we’re used to once it starts to cool down outside. And studies have shown that low levels of moisture in the air can keep you sick for longer.

Installations for Better Health

There are installations that can be added into your HVAC system to help control contaminants and balance humidity levels for years to come. Standard air filters can only do so much. But these two systems can be added to work with your heater for better health and wellness.

  • Air Purifier – Adding an air purifier onto your HVAC system can help to control particles and microorganisms with little maintenance. Electronic air purifiers eliminate more pollutants than the standard filter. And UV light systems work with your heating equipment to kill off germs as they enter the system. Contact a local heating and air conditioning technician to find out which indoor air quality is right for your home.
  • Humidifier – If you’re having issues with the level of moisture in your home, you might want to try a whole-house humidifier. It injects moisture into the air in order to help reduce illnesses and create a more pleasant environment when it’s cold out.

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