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Install a Dehumidifier this Year

In this part of the country, we’re all used to high humidity levels dragging us down in the summer. High humidity makes the air feel even warm, and makes you feel sticky and sluggish. This is because your body isn’t evaporating sweat the way it’s supposed to. The moisture cannot evaporate into the air the way it’s supposed to due to the excess moisture already in the air, so your body’s natural cooling process is inhibited.

An air conditioner helps…but it’ll cost you

When you walk into a room where the AC is blasting, you’ll feel more comfortable if the humidity has been bothering you. An air conditioner is a dehumidifier due to the way the cooling process works. As warm, humid air from your home blows over a cold coil in the indoor unit, the moisture in the air naturally clings to the coil in the form of condensation, which then drips out of your home through a pipe.

However, using an air conditioner to dehumidify is costly. Its primary purpose is to cool, so to completely dehumidify your home, it’s going to take a lot of effort. You may have to turn down your thermostat even more, at an extra cost to you per month—and it might make you feel a little too cool as well. Your air conditioner wears out faster if you use it as your dehumidifier, which means early replacement costs—something no homeowner wants to have.

A whole-home dehumidifier just makes sense

You can purchase a portable dehumidifier to help with the problem, but that won’t solve it; you’ve got an issue throughout your whole house! Having air conditioning technicians instead install a whole-home dehumidifier allows your AC to work less with help from a unit that works with your HVAC system to keep you cool and balance out moisture levels. This will last you for many years to come, so consider a whole-home dehumidifier today!

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