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Is Changing the Air Filter Really That Important?

You’ve likely heard technicians or even your own family members say it before. You’re supposed to change your air filter every month or every couple of months. Although many people have heard this before, a lot of folks are incorrect in assuming that the sole purpose of this maintenance routine is to improve the air quality in your home.

Filters do more than clean the air

Yes, your air filter does a decent job of keeping out many of the particles in the air that make you sick, like mold spores and pollen (though a whole-home filtration system could do even more). But it also serves a secondary purpose—protecting your HVAC system from damage.

Air from your home must flow into the air handler in order for the AC system to cool it or for the heater to heat it. But without a good filter in place, debris could actually damage the inside of the system.

A dirty filter is as bad as no air filter

If your air filter is too dirty, it can be almost as bad as having no air filter to protect your system. A dirty filter can actually block air from flowing into the system at all.

Your air conditioner was designed to take in a certain amount of air, so any hindrance to the airflow moving into it can actually make your system malfunction. The air conditioner (or the heater) becomes overworked, and your system is more likely to break down when you really need it or require otherwise unnecessary repairs.

Change your filter once a month

For optimal air conditioning performance and for the best return on your investment, change your filter each and every month—or every couple of months if you don’t use your system very often. And for more information, feel free to contact our comfort experts.

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