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Is Ductless Heating Possible for My Home?

Our mission is to help local homeowners stay comfortable through all seasons. But that isn’t always easy if your home isn’t set up for comfort. Some local homes were designed without any ductwork, which means no means of ventilation through which to bring warm or cool air.

The good news is that there is a way for nearly any home to get heat throughout, without the hassle of hooking up portable or temporary heaters and without the need for major renovations: ductless heating and cooling.

Where Will It Go?

Ductless heating is possible for nearly any house. An outdoor unit provides the central compressor and coil necessary for the heat exchange process that allows for both heating and cooling. Individual blower units are mounted around the home, high up on the walls or suspended from the ceiling. Each of these blows warm or cool air directly into the room.

This involves a heavy-duty mount, but there is no major renovation necessary. The only real change to your home is a minor hole in the wall to feed through a refrigerant line and any electrical components as well.

The whole system is relatively unobtrusive. You will need professional technicians to install it, as it involves particular sizing requirements and careful planning, as well as experience with HVAC and refrigerants.

Won’t It Cost a Lot to Run Anyway?

Many people also assume that ductless heating costs a lot of money to run. After all, electric heating is often expensive, due to the high cost of electricity (when compared to the cost of running a natural gas heater).

But a ductless system is different because it does not use electric resistance heat (like electric furnaces and portable heaters) to heat the home. Instead, it’s a heat pump. That means that it moves heat from place to place using refrigerant (it’s not only for cooling!). And this is a more efficient process than what happens with standard methods of heat production.

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