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Is It Already Time to Replace My Air Conditioner?

You may be juggling a lot of different things in your life—job, school, social life, family, pets, and running a home—so the last thing you want to make time for is an unexpected issue with your air conditioner. Your time is precious, and when an air conditioner fails, it can be tough to schedule in immediate services and keep your cool as everything else seems to be just as important. And finding out that the system needs to be replaced adds another layer to the stress of the situation.

That’s why we recommend replacing your older air conditioner as early on as possible sometime after you have hit the ten-year mark with your system. Some homeowners are built to last up to 15 years (or even 20) so you may want to check with your manufacturer for more information. But 10 years is as good a time as any, particularly if you’ve noticed issues with the performance of your system.

Why Ten Years?

Avoiding the hassle of replacing an air conditioning system when it fails in the middle of summer may well be worth an early replacement to you. After a decade of regular use, your air conditioner has suffered a lot of wear and tear. In an area like Atlanta, air conditioners get a whole lot of use, which means this wear and tear often translates to repair issues. Along with the repairs, your AC will never be able to reach its peak efficiency again and can only come somewhat close with regular maintenance. And if your AC was not properly sized for your home in the first place, you might already experience a lot of issues with your unit.

Which System Should I Choose?

It’s worth replacing an AC system early on if you replace it with a high-efficiency air conditioner installed by a reputable technician. Look for a system with a SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) of 16 or higher for the most energy savings. You may even decide on a heat pump for efficient heating and cooling. We recommend Trane comfort systems to our customers, but talk to your local HVAC technician to find out which system is right for your home.

We install and service air conditioners throughout Atlanta, GA and the surrounding areas, including high-efficiency Trane comfort systems, and we’ve been a trusted name in AC for over 20 years. For all your air conditioning needs, call the experts—Air Conditioning Experts, Inc.!

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