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Is Your Air Conditioner Responsible for Your Allergy Symptoms?

If your allergy symptoms seem to get worse every time you run your air conditioning system, it could be the source of the problem—partially. You do have a filter in place in your HVAC system, and it should be able to trap many of the contaminants circulating in the air. However, it won’t be able to trap all of the contaminants that cause you trouble during allergy season, and you may need a little extra help.

Why You Should Add a Whole-Home System

Sometimes, the air filter that comes standard with your AC system just isn’t enough to make your worst allergy symptoms get any better. Filters have their limitations, although one with a higher MERV rating (minimum efficiency reporting value) may do a better job. However, you’ll have to consult a technician to make sure a new filter does not interfere with air flowing into your system.

We typically recommend that homeowners install whole-home air purifying systems in order to catch more of the contaminants that cause you the most trouble during allergy season. Instead of using a media filter to trap particles, these use an electrical charge on particles so that they become attracted to a surface that has the opposite charge. Often, this system is more effective than even a very powerful filter.

Other Things You Can Do around the Home

You can’t control the contaminants in the outside air, but with a little bit of help from an indoor air quality system, you may be able to make things better inside of the home. Additionally, there are some things you can do to allergy-proof your home, making it easier for you to keep the air clean.

  • Wipe your feet before entering the home and ask family members to do the same (or remove their shoes entirely) to prevent allergens from getting into the home.
  • Wash curtains and blinds and have furniture that’s easy to clean.
  • If it’s an option, get rid of the carpet and switch to hardwood flooring.

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