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Keep Allergy Symptoms Away with These Whole-Home Systems

When it comes to your indoor comfort, an efficient HVAC system is essential. The temperature of your home is not the only factor that contributes to your comfort, however. Another vital component is your indoor air quality, which you probably don’t think very much about. We’ve highlighted a couple whole-home systems that you would do well to consider for your home to improve your indoor air quality.

How Are Your Humidity Levels?

The EPA recommends that to achieve optimal comfort, the humidity level in your home be no less than 30% and no more than 55%. Levels below or above these limits could cause a number of problems for your personal belongings and your home. Too much moisture can cause mold while too little moisture can cause household components to dry out. More than that though, humidity plays a role in your health.

If you are an allergy sufferer or at least have noticed some allergy symptoms as of lately, it’s time to determine if you are doing everything you can to keep yourself and your family healthy. By investing in one of the whole-home systems we’ve mentioned below, you’ll be taking a step in the right direction.

Investing in a Humidifier

This winter, you may have noticed the cooler temperatures have resulted in dry air. This dry air can lead to dry skin, irritated sinuses and throat, and itchy eyes. Additionally, low humidity can inflame the mucous membrane lining in your respiratory tract over time, increasing your risk of colds, the flu, and other infections.

Investing in a Dehumidifier

Alternatively, the warm spring weather that’s on its way to John’s Creek, GA could cause too much humidity, which can be just as harmful to your health. Excessive moisture encourages the development of mold and mildew, which can create allergy symptoms such as a stuffy nose or respiratory distress.

The Whole-Home Solution

A whole-home humidifier or dehumidifier will work better than individual devices. This is because it is integrated with your home HVAC system, treating your entire home and not just individual rooms. Naturally, you want your whole house to be comfortable.

To learn more about our whole-home systems, contact the experts at Air Conditioning Experts, Inc. today.

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