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Learn about the Different Types of Filters for Your HVAC System

Confused by all of the options available to you when you’re looking for a new HVAC system filter? We are here to help. Our technicians can consult with you to make sure you select the right option for your home. Or, if you’re not in our service area, read on for some of our expert advice.

Conventional Disposable Media Filters

Most commonly, fiberglass is used as a relatively inexpensive material that is able to trap particles within the fiber. Polyester and pleated filters may be more effective and more water resistant. A wire or plastic frame holds it together to keep it from collapsing.

Most conventional filters are effective, moderately water resistant, and may help keep the air healthier. They are designed to be thrown away once a month, however, as after this point they can start to clog up quickly and block air from coming into your home.

HEPA Filters

A HEPA filter is a high-efficiency particulate air filter—one that does a particularly good job of keeping out particles. These are recommended for large buildings and hospitals to keep the air clean. They may also be recommended to those with severe allergies and immune system disorders.

However, you should consult a technician before you try to replace your standard air filter with a HEPA filter, as these can also stop air from getting into the system to an extent that forces your air conditioner or heater to malfunction. If you’re looking for better air filtration, you may be able to purchase a regular filter with a higher MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value), or you can add an air purifier into your HVAC system.

Washable Filters

A washable filter is less wasteful than a conventional filter, those it does require careful maintenance. Keep in mind that washable filters may be more prone to collecting bacteria and mildew. Eventually, you will need to get a replacement filter.

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