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Maintain Your Air Conditioner Early and Save Big

This year, don’t delay scheduling maintenance for your air conditioning system. The earlier you schedule service for a central air unit, the more money you can save. Air conditioning maintenance is a service that may improve the efficiency and performance of your comfort system for years to come, but only as long as you keep up-to-date with your appointments.

Read on to see how early AC maintenance is a benefit for your home and your wallet, and how you can save even more by enrolling in our maintenance program this season.

Keep Repair Costs Low

There could be a broken part within your air conditioning system right now. Even if you’ve run your air conditioner already this year, and things seem to be running smoothly, a broken component can slowly wear down the system until it breaks down rather unexpectedly.

By the time your air conditioner does break down, you might need emergency AC service, which can come at an additional cost. Furthermore, what started as one small issue can spiral out of control, damaging additional parts so that repairs end up costing too much–far more than they would have with an early maintenance appointment.

Make Energy Efficiency a Priority

A major way AC maintenance helps you to save is by restoring efficiency to your AC system. Fixing broken parts, making small adjustments, and even cleaning off the blower fan helps an air conditioner to run more smoothly. That means lower energy usage with each cycle, which translates to the likelihood of lower monthly bills after a maintenance session.

Take the Time to Enroll in a Maintenance Program

Early maintenance gives you time to consider your options for enrolling in a maintenance program. If you enroll in our Comfort Club Membership program, you can save on repairs throughout the year, which is why we recommend joining as early as possible. In addition, you get two HVAC maintenance visits per year, so you won’t have to worry about forgetting to schedule service.

For all your air conditioning needs in Alpharetta, GA, call the experts–Air Conditioning Experts, Inc.

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