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Should You Replace the Condenser Unit of Your Air Conditioner?

The outside condenser unit of your air conditioner serves an essential purpose. An air conditioner does not necessarily “create” cool air. Rather, since cooling is not an energy that can be created, it must remove heat from a space first and foremost. Refrigerant is a chemical blend that can absorb heat from the air inside of your home, but it needs somewhere to release that heat.

That’s why the space around your outdoor unit, the condenser unit, is always so warm. It’s where heat dissipates into the air from the refrigerant circulating throughout the system. This part of the system also contains the compressor, the hardest-working component of your air conditioner.

The condenser unit may be responsible for a broken AC system

Unfortunately, your condenser unit could be the reason your entire air conditioner breaks down. When this happens, you may have some hope—can you replace only the condenser?

You can, and often, technicians do. The problem with this practice is that it doesn’t solve the problem in the long term. Rather, your air conditioner suffers because the components of your air conditioner are mismatched.

Suddenly, with a new condenser unit, you have old components mixed with new. The older air conditioner components are sure to break down soon enough, leaving you with a new condenser that is relatively useless.

Replacing just the condenser costs more

All in all, replacing only the condenser unit will cost you more. Replacing an air conditioner piece by piece costs more than replacing an AC system all at once when you factor in labor and all that can go wrong from having a mismatched system. We typically recommend replacing an air conditioner (in its entirety) if…

  • The system is more than 10-15 years old.
  • You seem to make repairs all the time.
  • Repairs will cost about half the price of a new system.

And the cost of replacing the condenser/compressor unit often isn’t worth it. Talk to a technician to make an informed decision about when to replace or repair your air conditioner.

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