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4 AC Repairs You May Need This Summer

Monday, June 12th, 2017

AC-outdoor-grass-wrenchWhy are we so excited to tell homeowners about our Comfort Club membership? Members save 15% on parts and labor throughout the year, a benefit you won’t find from all other company’s maintenance programs. More importantly, the two tune-ups per year provided with our Comfort Club program may help to reduce your monthly costs and prevent repairs in the first place.

AC problems tend to come up right when you need your system the most. Why not schedule a maintenance service now so you can prevent these common repairs from coming up this summer?

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Does My Ductless AC Need Maintenance?

Friday, March 6th, 2015

Spring is a time for cleaning out the debris and mess from the fall and winter, and this kind of clean-up is also good for your air conditioner. It doesn’t matter what type of AC you have or whether you have a ducted or ductless system; annual maintenance is an important part of your air conditioning system’s upkeep. You may still be a couple of months from using your ductless AC, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait to schedule an air conditioning tune-up in Atlanta. In fact, scheduling maintenance now gets you ahead of spring appointments, and the Air Conditioning Experts, Inc., professionals are ready to assist you with all your AC needs.

Why Does My Ductless System Need Maintenance?

Your ductless system operates very similarly to a ducted system in the sense that there is an outdoor unit that contains the compressor and condenser and indoor blowers that blow the cool air. Both the outdoor unit and indoor blowers need to be inspected for potential problems, and they also need to have individual parts cleaned and lubricated to ensure optimal performance. Additionally, each individual blower has an air filter that may need changing and coils that will need to be checked and possibly cleaned. All blowers have a refrigerant line to the outdoor unit and condensate drain pipes, and the refrigerant lines and condensate drain pipes need to be checked for any potential problems. Lastly, your technician will test each blower and its performance to make sure all the blowers are operating as expected for your home.

Why is all this necessary? To gain the benefits maintenance has to offer – better energy efficiency, improved comfort, prevention of repairs and extended life for your system – a professional needs to be thorough with your system.

Spring is just around the corner, and you can get ahead of spring cleaning by scheduling an appointment for a spring tune-up for your air conditioning in Atlanta. Contact us today!

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