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A Few Steps to Make You More Comfortable This Season

Tuesday, May 10th, 2016

With spring officially here, and with temperatures that make it feel like summer, you start to think more and more about your air conditioning system and how to help your family members stay as comfortable as possible through the worst heat spells. We’ve got a few tips below on how to feel more comfortable. And no, you don’t have to replace your whole air conditioning system to do it!

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Thinking of a New AC System? Here’s How You Can Save

Monday, March 21st, 2016

The first thing that many people do when they’re in the market for a new AC system is shop around, calling from company to company to find the best deal on installation. The cheapest install, however, isn’t always the best one, and we believe it’s important to find a quality contractor first and foremost.

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Contact a Trane Dealer for the Ultimate in Comfort

Tuesday, January 19th, 2016

Looking for a replacement heating and air conditioning system, but not sure where to start? We stand by the comfort and efficiency of Trane XL comfort systems. Today, you can get a high-efficiency heat pump that heats and cools your home while keeping your monthly bills as low as possible, with proper maintenance and operation. Learn more about Trane’s line of quality cooling and heating systems below!

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Control Your Home’s Temperature from an App on Your Phone!

Monday, December 14th, 2015

We all know that our air conditioning and heating systems take up a pretty big portion of our energy bills. That’s why you try to avoid leaving your system running at full capacity when you are away from home for the entire day. However, mistakes happen, and most homeowners have had to deal with the frustration of knowing their HVAC (heating and cooling) equipment is running, without the ability to do anything about it. One solution that is quickly gaining popularity is the Wi-Fi thermostat.

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Why Your Heater Does Not Run as Well as It Did Last Year

Monday, November 2nd, 2015

At the beginning of the heating season, you turn on you heater for the first time and hope for the best. But if you’re greeted by lower-than-expected temperatures, strange noises at startup, shorter cycles, long run times, or other heating problems, you may wonder what could have gone wrong. By the end of last season, the system was working just fine. What could have changed?

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Don’t Wait Too Long to Repair Your AC: Call a Technician ASAP

Monday, August 24th, 2015

Your air conditioner is not working quite as well as it used to. Maybe temperatures are slowly deviating further away from the setting on the thermostat. Maybe the temperatures around your home are not quite even. Or perhaps you’re only bothered by a faint noise coming from the unit. But no matter how small the problem may appear, it’s not worth it to wait to call your local air conditioning technician.

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Common Heat Pump Problems in Atlanta

Monday, January 28th, 2013

Heat pumps are renowned for their environmentally friendly heating and cooling performance as well as the incredible efficiency with which they operate. As is the case with any other heating and air conditioning system, of course, regular maintenance and a professional installation are necessary to ensure the high-quality, uninterrupted performance of your heat pump. You can get all the exceptional heat pump services you need in Atlanta simply by calling Air Conditioning Experts.

Of course any mechanical system is susceptible to wear and tear or damage. At some point you will need to schedule repair service for your heat pump. Here are some examples of the more common heat pump problems we face here in Atlanta.

  • Poor Temperature Maintenance – There are a lot of reasons why your heat pump may have trouble maintaining target temperatures, and they vary in degrees of seriousness. Sometimes it is as simple as incorrect settings at the thermostat. Anytime you are dealing with a system that both heats and cools it is possible to switch to the wrong function. This is definitely a best possible case scenario. There also may be a problem with your ductwork or the blower responsible for air dispersal.
  • Ice Building Up on Evaporator Coils – As with most heat pump problems, the development of ice on your evaporator coils can have many different causes. The most popular is insufficient refrigerant levels. This may indicate a leak, as refrigerant is recycled over and over in your heat pump system, not consumed, meaning levels should not really change. It is possible that some refrigerant was lost during service, but frequently frozen coils should certainly be inspected by a professional.
  • Cold or Hot Spots Developing – It is impossible to be really comfortable if different areas of your home are all different temperatures. Even heating is integral not only to comfort but to heating and cooling efficiency as well. This is most likely a ductwork problem, though a simple cause may be behind the uneven heating. Make sure that your furniture is not blocking air vents or registers. Your heat pump system will heat and cool your home a lot more effectively without having to force air through a sofa.

Occasional problems with your heating and cooling system are unavoidable. Keep them as infrequent as possible by scheduling high-quality, professional service. Call Air Conditioning Experts for all your heat pump needs in Atlanta.

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