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What Do You Do When There’s No Warm Air from the Vents?

Tuesday, February 16th, 2016

Your heating system is on, but you just can’t seem to get comfortable. You hold your hands up to the vents and immediately learn why: there isn’t any warm air coming through the vents! Obviously, this is a pretty big problem for any home comfort system, and you want the problem solved ASAP. Is there anything you can do to make it better?

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Temperatures Are on the Rise: Can I Wait to Repair My Furnace?

Monday, February 1st, 2016

With temperatures finally going back up here in Snellville, you might think that any problems with your furnace are not too big of a deal. You don’t plan on using your furnace for much longer anyway, and your furnace might still do a decent job of sending some heat through the home.

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Why Did My Furnace Stop Working? 6 Possible Reasons for No Heating

Monday, November 9th, 2015

Your heating system shuts off on a cold day and you cannot seem to get it back on. This is undoubtedly frustrating, especially since it can be so difficult to tell what caused it. Do you have to call a technician? Or can you fix it on your own? We’ve detailed 6 of the most common reasons people cannot feel heat from their furnaces, some of which you may be able to repair on your own, but many of which require an expert’s help.

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Heating Repair Question: Heat Pump Won’t Switch Modes

Monday, March 17th, 2014

Although heat pumps provide a number of excellent advantages as home comfort systems, such as energy-efficient performance and low emissions, the #1 benefit they offer is that they operate as both air conditioners and heaters. Two indoor comfort problems solved with one unit!

However, a heat pump can malfunction and become stuck in one mode, either blowing out heat when you want a cooled-down home, or blowing out chilled air when you want to warm up. When this happens, you lose one of the reasons you opted for heat pump installation in the first place. However, professionals can easily solve this problem and restore your heat pump to full power.

For help with cooling and heating repair in Atlanta, GA, call up the specialists who have delivered excellent comfort service since 1995: Air Conditioning Experts, Inc.

Why a heat pump won’t switch modes

The most common reason for a heat pump staying either in cooling or heating mode is a malfunction with the reversing valve. This valve is a crucial component that makes a heat pump different from a standard air conditioner: it sits on the refrigerant line and controls the direction the refrigerant flows through the unit. When the refrigerant changes direction, the heat pump switches from heating to cooling or vice versa. If the reversing valve breaks, the heat pump will remain in one mode (which one depends on the manufacturer’s settings). This is a simple repair for a professional: it only requires exchanging the broken reversing valve for a new one.

Another possibility for a heat pump that will only do half of its job is not a problem inside the heat pump, but in the thermostat. The electrical connections in the thermostat are responsible for signaling the heat pump to move from one mode to the other and to turn its blower on or off. If the thermostat loses that connection, the heat pump could remain fixed in one mode. Heating technician can trace down the source and repair the thermostat.

Heat pumps need trained repairs

Although you may feel tempted to open up the cabinet of your heat pump and tinker with the reversing valve, or unscrew the plate of your thermostat and fiddle with the wires, you are much more likely to cause further damage—unless you are a trained HVAC technician with the right equipment. It’s easy to find people who can do the work: call Air Conditioning Experts, Inc., any time of day or night, and we can take care of your cooling and heating repair in Atlanta, GA.

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Why the Furnace in Your Dual Fuel Hybrid System Won’t Come On

Monday, December 9th, 2013

A heat pump offers a great two-in-one solution to your heating and cooling needs. But sometimes a heat pump will struggle with extremely low temperatures—and this is where a dual fuel hybrid system can come to your rescue. With a back-up furnace running on natural gas, oil, or propane, your heat pump will have the assistance it needs to combat the occasional icy Georgia winter day—and it will end up costing you much less than having using a furnace alone.

However, you may encounter trouble when your furnace doesn’t turn on when you expect it. We’ll go over some reasons this might occur, and what you can do to get your dual fuel hybrid system working for you once more.

Call Air Conditioning Experts any time of the day or night when you need heating repair in Atlanta, GA. We can get all the parts of your hybrid system working once more.

  • Thermostat issues: The most common reason for the furnace failing to ignite is that the thermostat isn’t telling it that it should. If the thermostat is set incorrectly, it won’t signal the furnace to turn on when the temperature drops too low (the “economic balance point”). The thermostat may have an electrical fault or a miscalibration, which will require professional repair to remedy.
  • Furnace has run out of fuel: If your furnace uses a limited supply of fuel to run (instead of an outside gas line) it’s possible that it has depleted its available oil or propane and cannot power its burners. If you hear your furnace clicking as if it is trying to turn on, yet nothing further happens, check the fuel supply.
  • Malfunctions in the furnace itself: There are many different issues within the furnace that will cause it to stop working. A common reason is the failure of the ignition or pilot light, which will prevent the burners from igniting. This usually requires a professional to remove the burner unit and clean it so that it can function normally again.

Although professional repairs can handle most of these troubles, you can help prevent them from occurring in the first place with regular maintenance on your heating system. Air Conditioning Experts offers more than heating repair in Atlanta, GA; we also have a superb maintenance program: the Comfort Club. You’ll receive two preventive maintenance tune-ups each year, plus a 15% discount on parts and labor. Contact us today to sign up.

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3 Bad Habits that Lead to Heating Repair in Atlanta

Monday, October 14th, 2013

We experience mild winters in Atlanta, but everyone still needs a reliable heating system. However, it’s easy for people to fall into bad habits regarding their heating systems when they spend so much more time fretting over their air conditioners. Don’t let any of these bad habits create trouble that will lead to unnecessary repairs.

Air Conditioning Experts is known for superb AC installation and repair—but we are just as skilled and knowledgeable when it comes to heating! We have over 100 years of combined experience, so for heating repair in Atlanta, GA, make us one of your first choices.

Here are three common bad habits to avoid:

1. Keeping the thermostat set too high

If you look at how high a temperature your thermostat can reach, you’ll feel tempted to crank it up and enjoy Mediterranean vacation temperatures in the middle of winter. However, not only is this expensive, it places extreme strain on your heating system. If you keep this up long enough, the wear on your system could cause major failures. Aim to keep the temperature around 68°F during times when you’re awake, and you can turn it even lower when you sleep at night.

2. Forgetting to change the air filter

If you have a heater that uses forced air—like a furnace or a heat pump—you need to change its filter once a month during times when you use your heater the most. The filter traps debris that could damage the internal components of your heating system, and if it becomes too clogged, it can’t perform its job adequately. Don’t let this simple task slip from your monthly schedule; it can prevent serious repair needs.

3. Delaying regular preventive maintenance

A heater needs routine care to operate at peak efficiency, like any other complex and hardworking machine. Regular maintenance on your heater from an HVAC professional will also catch nascent troubles before they grow into malfunctions that require repairs. Get maintenance on your heater done once a year, preferably in the fall so you can beat out the cold weather. Most failures in your heating system can be avoided with annual check-ups.

If you want to avoid heating repair in Atlanta, GA, consult with the professionals at Air Conditioning Experts. If you join our Comfort Club, you’ll receive two maintenance checks per year (which will take care of your air conditioner as well!) and a 15% discount on parts and labor. Get ahead of the season: contact Air Conditioning Experts today.

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