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Why Does My Outside Unit Run When the Heater Is On?

Monday, December 19th, 2016

If you purchased a home with heating and air conditioning already included, you might not know much about the comfort systems in place. You may assume that the systems work like the heating and air conditioning equipment you’ve had in the past. And, often, that means a separate air conditioning and heating system.

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A Simple Way to Remember to Maintain Your Heating and Cooling Systems

Monday, December 12th, 2016

Routine maintenance will not fix your air conditioner or heater when it is broken. It is not something you call for in an emergency, and there is no alarm or notification built into your HVAC system to remind you to schedule maintenance. Routine HVAC maintenance is so important for the life and efficiency of your cooling and heating systems, but we understand that it’s easy to forget.

Nearly any HVAC technician will tell you to seek services for your heating equipment and for your cooling equipment at least once a year. And there is an easy way to remember: signing up for a maintenance program from a local contractor.

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4 Ways to Lower Your Heating Costs

Sunday, February 21st, 2016

According to a recent Consumer Reports article, the average U.S. household spends more than $650 on natural gas used for heating during the winter. Heating your home is a necessity in the Alpharetta, GA area, so it’s only natural that you want to find wallet-friendly ways to keep your home comfortable. See below for 4 tips on how to lower your annual heating costs.

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Replace Your Furnace with a High-Efficiency System Today!

Monday, September 28th, 2015

Decades ago, manufacturing energy-efficient and fuel-efficient equipment was not always a priority for heating and air conditioning companies. Today, people are a lot more aware of the impact they have on the environment, and how an increase in emissions can lead to poor air quality and damage to their surroundings. That’s why federal standards have adapted to mandate a minimum efficiency rating for all new furnaces installed in homes. But many homeowners do not realize just how inefficient their current heating equipment may be.

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Common Repairs for Radiant Heating Systems

Monday, February 24th, 2014

Radiant heating systems have been used for centuries. They involve tubes filled with warm liquid planted beneath the floorboards of your home, along with reflective panels to help conduct the heat. The process warms the room directly instead of heating the air, making it an extremely efficient way to keep your home comfortable.  Like every mechanical system, however, radiant heating systems sometimes suffer breakdowns, in which case you need to schedule a repair service as soon as possible.

Here’s a brief list of some common repairs for radiant heating systems in Atlanta:

  • Leaks. Because radiant heating systems use water, leaks are always possible, either in the control unit above the floor or in the tubing themselves. Leaks can cause a lot of damage if left unaddressed, and usually require a professional to track down and correct,
  • Low water flow. Similarly, the water needs to flow through the tubing into order for the radiant heating system to work. If the pump goes down or a clog develops in the tubing, the flow is reduced and the system loses its efficiency.
  • Low heat. If the water isn’t heated up, it won’t warm the room as it passes through the tubing. Again, the loss of efficiency means higher monthly bills and increased care as the system must work harder in order to do its job. Reduced heat could mean a clogged or broken burner, or perhaps a problem with the thermostat. Both issues can be addressed without having to access the tubing under the floor.

If you live in Atlanta, heating with a radiant system can help you keep your monthly bills in check. If you need radiant heating system repair, call Air Conditioning Experts, Inc. We have the experience and know-how to address your concerns, and we’re completely dedicated to your 100% satisfaction. Give us a call to set up an appointment today!

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Pros and Cons of Different Heating Systems

Monday, February 10th, 2014

You’re in the market for a new heating system. Whether it’s because you’re replacing an old system, or you’re building a new house, you want to purchase the best possible heater to fit your needs.

In the world of HVAC technology, you have more choices for heating than ever before. This can make heating system selection feel overwhelming. Air Conditioning Experts, Inc. can help you. We’ve put together a list of the pros and cons of the major heating systems on the market. When you want to talk more about heating installation in Atlanta, GA, call one of our specialists.

Heat Pumps

  • Pros: Work as both air conditioners and heaters. Low-cost heating compared to electric furnaces. Hook up to existing ductwork. Can also work ductless (ductless mini splits).
  • Cons: Sometimes struggle with heating during low temperatures. Require ductwork. Shorter lifespans than other systems.

Gas furnaces

  • Pros: Powerful heating ability. Gas is a less expensive power source than electricity. Durable, with long lifespans. Provide warmth fast.
  • Cons: Require a natural gas line and existing ductwork. Pose a small risk of toxic carbon monoxide leaks.

Radiant floor heating

  • Pros: Effective, cozy heating. Few repair needs. Almost silent operation. Visually unobtrusive. No reduction in indoor air quality.
  • Cons: Expensive initial installation. More difficult to retro-fit for a pre-existing house.


  • Pros: Environmentally friendly. Dependable, with no loss of heating power because of temperature fluctuations. Provides heating and air conditioning. High energy efficiency. Quiet operation.
  • Cons: Will not work with every property. Requires extensive and expensive installation.

Balancing the pros and the cons of all these systems can seem a touch bewildering. After reading over these four different choices (and there are even more choices within each category), you may find yourself leaning toward one or more. But to have a solid idea which one will give you the performance you want requires the assistance of an HVAC expert. With a technician’s help, you can balance out your home’s heating requirements with your budget, environmental plans, and long-term savings goals to find the ideal system for you.

At Air Conditioning Experts, Inc., we’ve helped many homeowners find their optimal heating installation in Atlanta, GA since 1995. You can place your trust in our expertise to locate the heating system that will keep you warm this winter and many winters to come.

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Heating Repair Tip: What to Check if Your Furnace Isn’t Lighting

Monday, February 3rd, 2014

Some heating problems can be spotted early by homeowners: saving the technician the time and effort of hunting them down (and reducing the cost of the repair call in the bargain). One good heating repair tip entails what to check if your furnace isn’t lighting. There’s usually a single culprit and in some (but not all) cases, you can correct the issue yourself. For any heating repairs you need in Atlanta, give Air Conditioning Experts, Inc. a call!

If the furnace isn’t lighting, the issue usually stems from one of two components: the ignition (or pilot light in older furnaces) or the thermocouple. Both components are connected and indeed may even be part of a single larger component depending on the type of furnace you own. The thermocouple regulates the flow of gas into your furnace, while the pilot light/ignition ignites the gas itself to start the heating process.

Problems with the pilot light are usually the easiest to fix. You can check to ensure that the pilot light button has been pressed. In older furnaces, you may be able to re-light the pilot light yourself if it goes out. Most furnace models have instructions on lighting the pilot light; you should read them carefully before proceeding.

In other instances, however, you probably need to call in a professional. The thermocouple acts as a safety function. If the ignition system is damaged – or indeed if the thermocouple itself is damaged – then the flow of gas shuts off and your furnace won’t light. This is actually a good thing, since it keeps your home from flooding with gas. Unfortunately, correcting the problem requires the services of a trained technician, who needs to repair or replace the damaged component.

However, your furnace can also not light if it has  no power, or if your thermostat is malfunctioning and not calling for heat. Check to make sure your furnace has power and that your thermostat is set to the correct temperature before calling for repairs.

Thankfully, Air Conditioning Experts, Inc. is available 24 hours a day for heating repair in Atlanta, and we know what to check if your furnace isn’t lighting. More importantly, we can get your heater back up to speed again with your complete satisfaction in mind at all times.

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When Is It Time to Replace My Furnace?

Monday, January 27th, 2014

It can be a tricky question: “when is it time to replace my furnace?” No one wants to consider the costs involved in buying a new furnace, but sooner or later the old one is just going to become too worn to continue functioning.  So when is it time to replace your furnace? A few tips can be found below:

  • Your furnace is very old.  This might not be a deal breaker, especially if your furnace has been well maintained. But old heaters usually have a lower AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) rating, which means they’re not as efficient as newer models. They might not feature the kinds of bells and whistles you’d want either. And if your heater is experiencing additional problems, its age might be the determining factor.
  • Repair bills are climbing. Most appliances need a little repair every now and again. But if it seems like the technician is living in your door step and coming in every other day to fix the furnace, then the cost of a new unit may outweigh the inconveniences and mounting bills.
  • Your monthly bills are rising for no apparent reason. Wear and tear over the years can mean that your furnace is using much more energy to do the same job, which you’ll see reflected in your monthly bills. If your costs are going up even though you’re not using the furnace any more than normal, it may be time for a new unit.

If you’re asking “when is it time to replace my furnace?” then a little professional advice can come in handy. If you need heating service in Atlanta, call Air Conditioning Experts. We can discuss your options with you and either repair your existing unit or install a new one to better suit your needs. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment. You’ll be glad you did!

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Common Ductless Heating System Repairs

Thursday, January 23rd, 2014

A ductless heating system is just what it sounds like: a system that relies on separate indoor air handler units placed strategically throughout your house connected to an outdoor unit instead of a single indoor unit that sends warm air everywhere via a system of ducts. Ductless heating offers many advantages, such as the ability to tailor the temperature for different parts of the house and even turn the heat off in rooms you aren’t using. Ductless heat pumps combine heating and air conditioning functions into a single system. That works very well for heating in Atlanta, since the system is at its most effective when temperatures stay above 40 degrees or so. Unfortunately, it can run into problems just like any other heating system, and when it does, you need a qualified repair service to handle it.

Here are some common ductless heating system repairs.

  • Refrigerant leaks. Ductless  heat pumps use refrigerant to absorb heat from the outside air and transfer it into your home. When the refrigerant leaks out, your heat pump don’t be able to heat effectively, and frost can form on the coils. You can’t just scrape off the ice: the leak needs to be sealed and refrigerant levels recharged to address the issue.
  • Clogged lines. Clogged drain lines and a misaligned drain pan can both create condensate overflow in your heating unit. The overflow can end up damaging internal components if it’s not addressed.
  • Motor issues. Ductless heating systems have fans to blow warm air into your home. When the fan motor runs into trouble – either because of an electrical overload or some kind of mechanical problem – the fan won’t blow and your air won’t get heated.

For issues concerning heating in Atlanta, Air Conditioning Experts, Inc. is ready to help. We handle most problems with ductless heating systems and our trained staff of experts will perform their repairs with the utmost concern for your satisfaction and comfort. Pick up the phone and give us a call today; you’ll be glad you did!

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Why Is My Furnace Not Heating?

Monday, January 20th, 2014

Georgia enjoys mild winters, but that doesn’t mean we can escape without using our heating systems over the next few months, especially during the evenings. If you lose your heat in your home, it can mean an uncomfortable stretch until repair technicians can get out to you to solve the problem.

Furnaces are common ways of home heating in Atlanta, and are usually dependable machines (provided they receive regular maintenance). However, they can still suffer malfunctions that will prevent them from providing you with the warmth you need.

We’ve put together a list of reasons that your heater might have stopped giving you warm air. Make sure you call professionals, like those at Air Conditioning Experts, Inc., the moment you have trouble with your furnace. We can deliver the heating repair in Atlanta, GA that will make your home cozy once more.

Reasons your furnace isn’t heating

Loss of fuel source: If you have an electric furnace, make sure that it is connected to a power source. If you have a natural gas furnace, there may be blockage in the gas line, or a drop in gas pressure so that the burner isn’t receiving fuel. Don’t tamper with the gas line on your own, since it is potentially hazardous. Call for professional repairs.

Thermostat malfunction: You should always check your thermostat the moment you have heating (or air conditioning) trouble; the issue may be as simple as incorrect programming. However, the thermostat itself might have malfunctioned and lost its connection to the furnace, which will prevent the furnace from turning on.

Failed pilot/electric ignition: The pilot light is responsible for lighting the gas jets in many older furnaces. If the pilot light goes out, attempt to relight it. If that won’t work, than the burner unit might be too dirty for oxygen to reach the pilot. Newer furnaces use an electric ignition to start the burners, and this may have failed. In either case, leave the repairs to professionals, since this also deals with natural gas power.

Caution: Furnace at Work! (Or Not at Work)

We do not recommend that you open the cabinet of your furnace for any reason other than a visual inspection. Attempting to repair or even make minor adjustments to a furnace—particularly a gas furnace—can be dangerous to people without experience or the proper tools. If your furnace has stopped working, you need to call licensed professionals to diagnose the problem and find a remedy.

Air Conditioning Experts, Inc. knows that if your furnace shuts down, you will want service fast—no matter the time of the day or night. That’s why we offer 24-hour emergency service. For your long-term planning, look into our Comfort Club, which offers annual maintenance to keep your furnace running.

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