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Water Leaking from the Air Conditioner: A Common HVAC Emergency

It’s one of the most troubling air conditioning issues we come across, and also one of the most common. While a leaky air conditioner can sometimes be an easy fix for a trained technician, repairing the damage that goes along with the leak won’t be easy. Sometimes, a leaky AC results in thousands of dollars in damages to the home. So what can you do if it happens to you? And is a water leak from the air conditioner preventable? Find out in our quick guide.

How Leaks Occur

Your air conditioner is able to remove both heat and humidity from the air in your home during the refrigeration process. A set of coils is responsible for this process, as is a chemical blend called refrigerant. Refrigerant moves around the inside and outside portions of the air conditioner, removing heat from the air blowing over the inside coil and releasing heat outdoors.

As refrigerant removes heat at the inside coil and evaporates into a gas, the coil cools off. The cold coil can now collect some of the water vapor in the air (humidity) in the form of condensation. This should safely drain outside—unless something is wrong. A poorly positioned condensate tray or a clogged drainpipe can both contribute to leaks from the unit. And depending on the location of the AC, this can cause a lot of damage.

Preventing Air Conditioning Leaks

You can drastically decrease the chances of water leaks if you schedule maintenance with a professional each year. Air conditioning maintenance technicians check for situations that could lead to leaks, clean out the drains, and take care of additional tasks that can improve performance and efficiency.

If a leak does occur, however, there are companies that offer 24/7 emergency HVAC services.

If you live in the Atlanta area, 24-hour emergency services are available for your leaky air conditioner. For all your air conditioning needs, call the experts—Air Conditioning Experts, Inc.

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