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What Should You Do When Water Leaks from the AC Unit?

Most people assume there’s an issue with their plumbing components when they notice a leak somewhere in the home. However, it’s actually quite common for an air conditioner to be the source of the problem. Learn why an AC leaks below and what you should do when your air conditioner puts your home at risk for water damage. 

Where does the water come from?

The water from your AC unit actually comes from the air in your home. Humidity is the source of the water buildup, and, as you know, we get an awful lot of humidity here. The blower fan in your AC unit moves warm, humid air past a coil, where refrigerant (a chemical blend) absorbs heat (soon releasing this heat outside). As it absorbs heat, the indoor evaporator coil becomes very cold. Condensation forms naturally on the outside of the coil, and this condensation is what causes the leakage.

Where does the water go?

Typically, the condensation that forms on the indoor coil of your AC system is supposed to drain through a pipe. It first drips into a tray, which slopes toward a hole that leads out to a drainpipe, moving water away from your home. However, when there’s an issue with this system, the water can leak out into the AC system or even on your furniture. We’ve heard of AC unit leakage ruining ceilings, walls, and thousands of dollars’ worth of cabinetry!

What is the source of the trouble?

There are many different reasons you might experience trouble with your air conditioner’s condensate drainage system. The drainpipe could clog with debris, allowing for water to backup and overflow into the home. It’s also possible that the tray was installed improperly, or that it has cracked. Regular AC maintenance is the best guard against this common problem. A technician can clean out the condensate drain and help you to address any issues that need repair.

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