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What You Gain Using Your Home’s Thermostat Away from Home

Computers, phones, and cars have changed so much in the last couple of decades. Most likely, you’re not rolling up your car’s window with a crank or typing in phone numbers by memory. So why do you have the same old thermostat on the wall of your house?

A smart thermostat makes home comfort…well…smarter! The thermostat is mounted on the wall, in order to monitor the temperature and make it easy for anyone within the house to make adjustments. In fact, today’s wall thermostats are easier to use than ever before. But what’s even better is your ability to control the thermostat from your smart phone—no matter where you are!

Use Your Thermostat Anywhere

All you’ll have to do is have a reliable Wi-Fi connection in the home, and call a technician to see that the new smart thermostat is compatible with your HVAC system and is properly installed. Then, you need to install an app on your smart phone (or you can use a tablet or a computer with an internet connection).

You can control your thermostat at work or school, on vacation, or even while you are sitting on your couch.

Why We Love This Feature

Here’s what you gain when you have the ability to control the air and heat from an app on your smart phone.

  • Don’t worry if you forget to turn off the air. If you’re worried about wasting energy all day, you can check on the temperature even while you are at work.
  • Keep the house comfortable. Did your child’s soccer game get out early today? No problem! While you’re in the stands, readjust the preprogrammed settings to make sure the home is comfortable for your arrival.
  • Connect other parts of your home as well. With complete home automation, you can also hook up the lights, garage door, and more to your application, so that you can reduce energy waste and monitor usage.

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