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Why Do You Need Insulation in the Summer in Atlanta?

We often think of insulation as keeping our homes warm throughout the heating season. That’s true: insulation does keep hot air in, and does significantly improve the energy efficiency of our homes in the winter. But insulation is equally important during the summer months, and many homeowners fail to realize the amount of energy they might save if they make sure their homes are well insulated throughout the year. If you’d like to speak to an insulation expert, call Air Conditioning Experts in Atlanta. We can show you the difference insulation can make for your home.

Forget fiberglass batting and foam panels; one of the best ways to insulate your home to maximize cooling this summer is with either spray foam or blown in insulation. Both are excellent solutions for retrofitting your attic, or adding insulation to poorly insulated walls or ceilings. They don’t require extensive remodeling or major demolition. Spray foam is an adhesive that can fill up any difficult to reach space, and blown-in insulation is flame-retardant recycled cellulose. Insulation keeps cool air in and hot air during the summer. Let’s look at the reasons why you need insulation this summer in Atlanta:

  • Energy-efficiency. By installing new insulation or replacing what’s there with a better material, insulation significantly reduces the amount of energy your system needs to keep cool this summer.
  • Reduced utility bills. Energy efficiency means cost-effectiveness. Not only will your use energy more economically, it will also save you money every day that you cool your home. Don’t throw your hard-earned cash out the window because of faulty insulation or the lack thereof.
  • Reduce condensation. Improving the insulation of your home can actually decrease any condensation problems you may have on your walls and ceilings by controlling the amount of heat transfer that takes place through the exterior of your home.
  • Eco-friendly. Insulation reduces energy costs and therefore saves non-renewable resources. It also reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Still unconvinced? Talk to one of the insulation professionals at Air Conditioning Experts in Atlanta. We can show you in person why insulation is a great way to improve your home cooling system this summer.

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