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Why Is My Air Conditioner Making This Noise?

Homeowners tend to recognize the sounds that mean the components of their homes are running smoothly: the clanking of ice in the icemaker, the ticking of a clock, and the hum of an air conditioner, for example. So when something begins to make an unusual sound, it’s an alarming feeling. When that air conditioner starts to perform loudly or makes a noise you are not used to hearing, you’re right to be concerned. Call a technician if you hear these noises or any others that come as a surprise.

  • Hissing: A light hissing coming from the vents could indicate an air leak. If this is the case, you should schedule duct sealing services ASAP. Leaky ducts contribute greatly to your energy bills. If the hissing sound is from the outdoor portion of your system, there may be a refrigerant leak that could lead to trouble with other components as well, including the compressor.
  • Squealing: The good news is that this squealing noise could be a quick fix for an experienced technician. You may have a fan belt that needs replacing, which is relatively inexpensive. But this isn’t the only reason this noise occurs, so always consult with a professional.
  • Banging: A loud banging noise could mean something as small as a bent fan blade or as costly as a broken compressor.
  • Buzzing: As you may suspect, a buzzing noise can indicate electrical issues. Your technician might only have to change out one small electrical component, or it could indicate issues with the motor.
  • Rattling: When it occurs in the ducts, this could indicate a loose connection in the ducts, trouble with the blower fan, or an issue with the blower motor.

Report these noises and others to your local technician right away, and call the friendly technicians at Air Conditioning Experts, Inc. for AC repair in the Atlanta area.

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