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Save Money with a Home Energy Audit in Atlanta

Staying comfortable at home can get expensive and inconsistent temperatures in the home are common. Air conditioning and heating costs are generally the largest contributor to your monthly energy bills and addressing the HVAC and/or ductwork can often resolve comfort problems. However, there are often many other sources of energy loss that can be addressed to improve comfort levels and decrease power and gas bills in the home.

As the top rated Georgia Power HVAC contractor, Air Conditioning Experts has teamed up with the top rate Georgia Power home efficiency partner Energy Conservation Solutions (ECS) to help you address these problems in your home

Is the room above the garage too hot in the summer? Is the kitchen floor freezing in winter? Are your heating and cooling bills outrageous? Let our BPI approved Professional Building Analysts help identify how to fix these problems in the most cost effective way possible. A Georgia Power whole house energy assessment can help you identify ways to improve comfort levels and decrease your power and gas bills by 20-30%!

Get Your Energy Assessment Today

In partnership with Energy Conservation Solutions, Air Conditioning Experts helps Atlanta metropolitan area homeowners and business owners throughout Atlanta and the surrounding areas lower their monthly costs without sacrificing comfort.

ECS is ENERGY STAR approved through Georgia Power, which means they offer a 50% rebate on energy audits for Georgia Power customers up to $200. The primary objective of the energy audit is to identify problem areas where improvements can be implemented to increase efficiency and generate significant long–term savings by reducing heating and cooling costs in the home. This also qualifies homeowners for larger "Georgia Power whole house rebates" ranging between $1250–$1850 when implementing a group of the efficiency improvements identified in the audit report.

A comprehensive energy audit by ECS is a series of diagnostic tests that identify how to best increase energy efficiency, reduce utility bills, improve indoor air quality, and create a more comfortable and healthier environment for your home. Additionally, by conserving energy and reducing home emissions, we all can do our part to help protect the environment for a sustainable future.

After an energy assessment, you may want to make home improvements to minimize heating and cooling costs or you might decide to upgrade to solar power or a solar pool heater. Air Conditioning Experts is here to help. Call us to schedule your Atlanta home energy audit today.