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Indoor Air Quality Products and Services in Atlanta

Does the air that you breathe in your home live up to your high standards? If you are in any way dissatisfied with the indoor air quality in your home you need to call Air Conditioning Experts right away. There is no reason or excuse to compromise when it comes to the quality of the air that you and your family breathe.

Contact the indoor air quality professionals on the Air Conditioning Experts team to ensure that the air you breathe in your own home is as clean and pure as possible. We have the tools, products and training necessary to resolve any indoor air quality issues you have. Let us know how we can help improve your quality of life.

Call (404) 266-5464 for Indoor Air Quality in Atlanta and the Surrounding Areasor click here to contact us

Don’t Sacrifice Your Family’s Health

Keep in mind that indoor air quality is about more than comfort. It’s also about protecting the health of everyone in your household. There are numerous types of pollutants that can enter a home’s air, and it’s our job to see that you have solution to the particular problems that are affecting your home in Atlanta, GA. Contact Air Conditioning Experts today and speak to our indoor air quality professionals, and they will guide you through the options available to see that you have the purest air possible to benefit your family.

Air Cleaners and Air Purifiers

Air filtration systems that use mechanical air filters are a very good way to remove contaminants from household air. But for smaller particles—such as chemicals and odor molecules—an electronic air cleaner or air purifier might be necessary. We install many types of purifiers to pair with air filtration systems.

Whole Home Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers

Part of achieving ideal comfort inside a home is balancing the humidity. You want to have the relative humidity inside your home between 30% and 60%, and sometimes you’ll need to have a whole–house humidifier or dehumidifier installed. Give us a call and our technicians will be happy to help your find the golden mean of humidity in your home.

Duct Cleaning, Sealing & Repair

You may not realize how dirty the ductwork in your home can get over time. It only takes a few years for dust and other debris to collect inside the ducts and start to interfere with airflow and blow contaminants into the house. We provide the professional air duct cleaning services in Atlanta that will see that you have an efficient HVAC system.

The stress on the ducts of a home often leads to breaches, and poorly installed ducts can suffer damage over time. The loss of air from these leaks will have a huge negative impact on your HVAC system, and you need to have service from ductwork experts to correct the problem. Our ventilation professionals are here to deliver the duct sealing and repair that will restore the integrity of your ductwork.

Make Your Home More Comfortable

Our goal is to make your home a cleaner, more comfortable living environment. If your indoor air quality is making it hard for you to catch your breath, we can help. As you can see, we’re more than your average heating and air conditioning repair contractor in Atlanta! Contact Air Conditioning Experts today to schedule the indoor air quality services you need to live more comfortably.