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conditioned air association of georgia incWhen you need any air conditioning, heating or indoor air quality installation, maintenance or repair services in Decatur, call the local experts with over 100 years of combined service experience. Air Conditioning Experts is ready and willing to make your home a more comfortable place to live. Don’t compromise when it comes to your comfort in Decatur. Contact us today to schedule service.

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At Air Conditioning Experts we always put the comfort and satisfaction of our customers first. That is why we are comfortable offering our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our service technicians are all fully certified and extensively trained to provide you with the best possible heating and cooling experience. Whether you are trying to beat the heat in another long, hot Decatur summer or stay warm during the chillier nights of the year, we can help.

Air Conditioning Services in Decatur

If you live in Decatur you understand just how necessary a high–quality, dependable air conditioner really is. You also know that you’ll be using that air conditioner quite a bit and that home cooling costs can really add up. Scheduling a professional installation, quality maintenance and exceptional repair services can help you cut energy costs while keeping your home comfortable. Contact us today for more information about our air conditioning services.

AC Installation and Repair in Decatur

Whether you’re moving into the home of your dreams or simply need your existing system swapped out, we provide excellent Decatur, GA air conditioning installation services for a wide variety of equipment, including central AC, heat pumps, geothermal, solar and ductless mini splits. From high–end, highly energy efficient models to budget–conscious models built for performance, we can make sure that your home stays cool all summer long for years to come.

When it comes to air conditioning installation in Decatur, you need to make sure that you hire a professional at Air Conditioning Experts. Our technicians are highly trained and qualified to provide a detailed load calculation of your home in order to find a system whose size and type match your cooling needs.

We tend to use our air conditioners a lot in this area, and with all that use (and abuse) comes the need for professional air conditioning repair. At Air Conditioning Experts, our priority is your comfort, and we offer AC repair in Decatur all day, 7 days / week. We want to make sure that your cooling is restored as soon as possible, and our technicians are available 24–hours a day to make sure that that happens.

There are various things that can go wrong with your cooling system over time, from damaged fan blades to refrigerant leaks caused by corrosion. Let us take care of your air conditioning repair needs so that the job is completed correctly. We can handle any problem that you may have, no matter how small or large.

AC Maintenance and Replacement

Is your air conditioner filled with debris? Do you find that your efficiency has decreased in the last month or so? Would you like to extend the lifespan of your AC? We can make sure that you have the Decatur, GA air conditioning maintenance services you need to stay cool even during the most extreme heat and humidity. Professional maintenance is not a luxury, but an absolute necessity.

During one of our air conditioning maintenance service visits, we arrive at your Decatur home at a scheduled time and perform a comprehensive inspection, cleaning and adjustment. We look for signs that you may have a serious problem with your system as well as any accumulation of dust, dirt, grime or other debris. We want to keep your cooling system operating as efficiently and effectively as possible.

We have served the local area for years and have seen countless systems come and go. Even the most well–maintained systems are subject to general wear and tear and cannot hold out indefinitely. It’s important to be prepared. We can take care of your air conditioning replacement needs and find you a new system that matches your home perfectly.

If you find that you’re paying too much for repairs or if your AC is old and now costs a fortune to operate, then you may want to consider upgrading before the unit shuts down entirely. Upgrading to a geothermal system or ductless mini split may also be worth considering. Whatever system type or brand you choose, you can depend on Air Conditioning Experts for prompt, responsive service.

Decatur, GA Heating Services 

Your heater may not be put to the same amount of use as your air conditioner in Decatur, but that does not make it any less important. Be sure to schedule regular, professional maintenance service for your heating system before the chilly weather arrives. There is no way of knowing that your heater will operate efficiently and effectively when you need it without this important service.

Heating Installation and Repair in Decatur

Georgia is not exactly known for its heating season. We tend to use our air conditioning systems much more frequently than our furnaces or radiant heat systems, but residents know how important a professionally installed heater is to the comfort of their home. We provide superior Decatur, GA heating installation services. We can find you a new system that meets your budgetary needs and gives you years of warmth during the winter.

Another important consideration to keep in mind as you shop for a new heater is its size. It needs to match your home exactly so that it is optimized for performance as well as efficiency. Even high–end systems will become inefficient if they do not match the size of the living space. Let Air Conditioning Experts take care of your Decatur, GA heating installation for great service and quality workmanship.

Like any other type of mechanical system, your heater will encounter problems over time. During the course of its service life, its parts are subject to wear and tear and it accumulates debris that can inhibit performance and efficiency. When you encounter a problem with your furnace, radiant heating system, heat pump or ductless mini split, do not hesitate. We can take care of your Decatur, GA heating repair needs.

It’s important to recognize the signs that your heater needs professional services. If you find that your heater makes a loud or strange noise upon startup or continuously during operation, then you might have a damaged component. Alternatively, if you have inadequate or uneven heating, then you might have a clogged duct or pipe. Air Conditioning Experts can deliver the Decatur, GA heating repair service you need to stay warm all winter long.

Routine Heating Maintenance

The best way to reduce heating repair needs, improve system longevity and keep your energy bills low is by enrolling in our heating maintenance plan for residents in Decatur. We can make sure that your heating system is comprehensively inspected, cleaned and adjusted at all times. We take pride in our ability to satisfy the home comfort needs of our customers. You can depend on Air Conditioning Experts.

Heating maintenance is by no means a luxury service. It is the only way to make sure that your system works as it should. Whatever type or size of heating system you may have, it’s absolutely critical that it receive regular maintenance. Our technicians can discover minor issues before they become major repairs. And having clean equipment is always better for longevity and performance.

Heating Replacement Services

There may come a time when heating repair and maintenance are no longer enough to keep your furnace, heat pump or radiant heat system in good operating condition. Like any other type of system, your heater will eventually break down, whether due to old age or major component breakdown. It’s important to be prepared so that you can make an informed decision when the time comes. Air Conditioning Experts serves Decatur with professional heating replacement services.

 Whether you are sick and tired of paying for repairs, or you would like to upgrade to a more powerful and energy efficient heater, your new heater should be installed by a professional. We will find a replacement model that suits the size of your home as well as your heating preferences. You can depend on us for excellent service at great value.

Searching for Heat Pump Services?

A heat pump makes a great heating and cooling option for homes in Decatur, GA. Because of the relatively mild winter here, a heat pump remains powerful and efficient even when the outside temperature drops. Much like an air conditioner, it uses a refrigerant to transfer heat from one place to another, whether from inside to the outside or from outside to the inside. 

Professional Heat Pump Installation and Repair

When you call Air Conditioning Experts to come install your new heat pump, you can rest assured that your home is in good hands. We offer a wide range of system types and brands, and we can make sure that your new equipment is appropriately sized so that it gives you years of excellent heating and cooling. Call us today to learn more about heat pump installation services in Decatur.

Does your heat pump make a strange sound during heating and cooling cycles? Has it become less and less energy efficient over the last few months? Are you concerned about your home comfort? At Air Conditioning Experts, we want to make sure that you are comfortable at all times. 

There are plenty of things that can go wrong with a heat pump. When professionally installed and serviced, it should give you years of excellent heating and cooling. But problems will eventually arise and when they do, you need to have the name and number of a quality Decatur, GA heat pump repair specialist. Let us restore the performance and efficiency of your system.

Heat Pump Maintenance and Replacement

To get the most out of your heat pump, it needs to be routinely maintained by an HVAC professional. No matter what state or condition your heat pump is in, it is never too late for maintenance. New and older systems alike can benefit from our routine inspection, cleaning and adjustment services. It’s a great way to kick of the heating and cooling seasons. Make sure that your system receives regular maintenance.

Over time, your heat pump accumulates dust, dirt, grime and other debris. Considering that one half of the system resides outside, it’s hardly surprising that it might need to be cleaned on a regular basis. Make sure that your Decatur, GA heat pump maintenance is carried out by Air Conditioning Experts, so that the system is cleaned safely and thoroughly.

Replacing your heat pump is a major job, but it may be necessary. Air Conditioning Experts can help. We offer professional heat pump replacement services in Decatur and beyond. There are various reasons why you might need to consider replacing your equipment instead of merely repairing it. For one, you may want to improve your energy efficiency. The industry has significantly changed in the last 10–15 years and today’s systems are highly efficient.

Another reason why you might want to opt for replacing your heat pump is due to the increasing frequency of repairs. This can make holding onto that old system increasingly expensive, often for subpar results. We can help you find a new system that matches the size of your home and satisfies your heating and cooling needs. Call us today.

Other Services Offered in Decatur

  • Indoor Air Quality – Is the air in your home too humid or overly dry? Do airborne pollutants aggravate your allergies or asthma conditions? Whatever indoor air quality problems you are experiencing in Decatur, Air Conditioning Experts can help. We want to make sure that you and your family are breathing the best air possible. Schedule service today to make that happen.
  • Commercial HVAC Service – Without a professional installation from a qualified service provider you cannot guarantee the safe or effective operation of your HVAC air conditioning and heating equipment. We offer exceptional commercial HVAC installation, maintenance and repair services to help you get the most out of your commercial equipment. We can help your commercial ventures succeed by keeping the environment comfortable.
  • Water Heater Service –  A water heater is an absolutely essential part of the modern home. It’s difficult to imagine what life would be like without a bountiful and consistent supply of hot water feeding all of your fixtures and appliances, including the shower, bathtub, sinks, washing machine, and dishwasher. We offer a variety of water heater services, including installation, replacement, repair and maintenance. We offer a wide range of water heater systems types and brands. We want to make sure that you have everything you need. For us, the comfort of your home remains a top priority. Whether you need a new water heater installed from scratch or your existing unit needs to be repaired or maintained, we’ve got you covered. 
  • Ductless Mini Split Service – Conventional HVAC systems use an extensive network of sheet metal or flexible ducts installed behind your walls and within your ceilings. Such systems tend to be highly powerful and sufficient for many homes. However, having ducts in your home invites the accumulation of dust, contaminants, and other debris, and they are also subject to cracks, loose connections and other issues that can present efficiency and performance challenges. You may want to consider a ductless mini split system. A ductless system uses multiple indoor air handlers instead of ductwork. That means that different sections of your home can be controlled separately, and the blower motors are whisper–quiet. Because there is less distance travelled between you and your conditioned air, ductless mini splits also tend to be highly efficient. If you already have a system, we can also handle ongoing repair and maintenance.
  • Gas Furnace Service – Natural gas and propane offer clean, efficient, and often cost–effective heating. When professionally installed and serviced, your gas furnace can keep your home warm and comfortable all winter long. We offer a wide range of gas furnace services, including the installation of new equipment and the replacement of old and broken down units. We even offer ongoing repair and maintenance. Let us take care of your Decatur, GA gas furnace service. At Air Conditioning Experts, we do much more than just cooling. Our trained and experienced technicians can make certain that your new gas furnace matches the size of your home and meets your budgetary requirements. Call us today to learn more about what we can do for your home.